Burma_Myanmar authorities urged to preserve ancient buildings-video_Pics

photo credit Ah Bay Yah

Myanmar authorities have granted permission to a lawyers’ group to stage a protest against the plan to refashion Yangon’s ancient buildings into new ones.

Earlier, the Lawyers Network (LN) sent a complaint letter to the president and the speakers of the parliament, urging them to stop the projects that will turn the Yangon Region High Court into a museum and the Yangon Region Small Causes Court into a hotel.  When no action was taken, over 100 lawyers decided to hold a rally scheduled on October 17.

“We submitted a letter to authorities last Tuesday to allow [us to hold a] demonstration. We are scheduled to start our protest outside the high court at 10 am. Then we will assemble in front of the Small Causes Court. We are will also hold a press conference,” said Soe Tint Yi, a member of the LN work committee.

The demonstrators will be asking the government to let the Yangon Region High Court and Small Causes Court remain as they are. The group said the two buildings are considered as national treasures.  The lawyers also said should international disputes come up, the courts, which are magnificent and spacious, should be used.

The group will also be demanding for lower prices for revenue stamps, which increased by 100 percent without the parliament’s approval.

“A sudden, sharp increase in revenue stamp prices will make it unable for the public to engage in court cases,” said Ko Ni, an advocate.


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