Burma_ Myanmar monks stage protest in Sittway against Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) 15.october

and also in

Demonstrations in Mandalay- Middle Burma

YES YOU STOPPED!Thank you protesters-You Stop OIC -Organisation of islamic Cooperation Office !!!   “The president will not allow an OIC [Organisation of the Islamic Conference] office because it is not in accordance with the people’s desires,” said an official from President Thein Sein’s office

Demonstration in Yangon- Lower Burma

The government has allowed Burma,Myanmar monks to stage aprotest in Sittway, the capital of Rakhine state and such demonstrations were done peacefully and calmly. They have identified the vital factors the government should take into consideration sincerely, Eleven Media news reported.

The following points they demanded are first, office of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) should not be permitted to open in the country. Secondly no office for the OIC must be established in Rakhine state. Thirdly to be able to attain peace in the area, the Inpala ward which is situated in Sittway must be taken out of the city. Fourth of their demand is the government of Banghladesh  must uphold and protect the welfare and interests of Buddhists who are living a peaceful way of life in that country and lastly they are in support of the speech made by President Thein Sein against illegal Bengalis.

They are concerned about the Inpala ward since this has been a big problem both for the people and the city. This may create intensive trouble so they have proposed to move it out in the city.


photocredit eleven media group

With 400 monks participating in the demonstrations they were also joined in by 2,000 people as a sign of support in their cause. The protest rally started at 1:15 pm from Aung Mya Ygone monastery in Bawlonekwin ward and arrived at the consulate at 3:00 pm.

They were able to stage their goals peacefully. In about thirty minutes, the protest was carried out. Right after the demonstration, the group dispersed quietly and went back along the main road to Pharagyi pagoda at around 4:30 pm, the report said.

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