Mediator works with government and opposition groups to promote successful peace discussion User Rating:

Kristian Gould from PACRIM Associates, a marketing consultancy that serves as a bridge between clients, government and industry, is working as a mediator between the Myanmar government and opposition groups in attempts to ensure successful peace discussions. At a recent civil peace meeting she gave the United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC) suggestions on how to have a smooth discussion with the government, said a Karenni representative who attended. “She is observing the discussion between the current Myanmar government and ethnic arms groups. She’s contacted us, and also spoken with the government, and given us advice on how we should go about our peace discussion with the government so it will be effective,” said the Karenni representative.

PACRIM Associates said in order to assure peace in Myanmar a mediator is needed to effectively communicate between the government and the ethnic opposition groups. Seven representatives from UNFC attended a consultation meeting that was held from October 5th to the 7th. During the meeting Gould reviewed the governments Union Level Peacemaking Agenda, which highlights 8 points, and also the Six-Point Ethnic Peace Road Map that was drawn up at the Panglong Conference in Chiang Mai last September. Gould also pointed out the use of government propaganda and said that they are using media as a weapon against ethnic groups. She suggested that ethnic groups use media to express the truth from their side.

Gould told UNFC that the government will most likely not accept the 4th point in the Six-Point Ethnic Peace Road Map which asks to, “(4) Hold a national conference with all ethnicities, including representatives from all ethnic arms groups, representatives of political parties, representatives of women and youth organizations.” Representative Ta-Aie also believes the government will not accept point (4), “They are afraid to have a meeting where all ethnic groups are allowed to attend because they will be out numbered and this frightens them, it means they can no longer be in control,” He states.

Gould has a plan to meet with KIO and the government soon.

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