LONDON BUDDHISTS CALLING :Protest against the brutal arson attack on religious building and monasteries in Bangladesh

Protest against the brutal arson attack on religious building and monasteries in Bangladesh
11th October, 2012
2pm to 4pm
Parliament square London SW1 A2TT
nearest tube station ; Westminster, district line, jubilee, circle line.
(organized by Bangladesh Buddhist Association UK, British Sri Lanka Forum )
contact; Ven Nagasena Bhante 07951382407 ,
Paban Barua – 07908207915

UK Buddhist protest against brutal arson attacks on Buddhist Temples, Monasteries & Innocent Buddhist Villagers in Cox’s Bazaar’s Ramu , Chittagong, Bangladesh. “”””

Dear Venerable Bhantes, Sayadaws and Devotees of the temples

We are writing you on behalf of Bangladesh Buddhist Associations, UK. As you may have heard about the recent brutal arson attacks on Buddhist temples, Buddhist villages and Hindu temples across Chittagong, we are holding a demonstration at the Parliament Square and foreign office to show our solidarity with the victims. The attacks were too much to bear for the minorities and buddhist followers. If we do not have sympathy on Buddhist minorities in Bangladesh, the minorities’ religions (Buddhism or Hinduism) will soon be over from the ancient Buddhist lands. History tells us that the faiths of peaceful religion i.e. Buddhism had been destroyed by invaders and killed them if not converted into their religions. The evidence suggests the same history is repeating again and will continue till our existence and our Buddhist faiths come to an end in the world. The peaceful existence of Buddhists and other religious minorities in Bangladesh are an example and now being under serious threat as the radicalized and extremist Muslim groups are systematically working to eradicate them from the country or disturbed their peaceful livelihood.

Buddhists in Bangladesh never do against Muslim livelihood or their beliefs but we don’t know why they are so aggressive to us or to other religions. Buddhists in Bangladesh are lesser than one percent and they live in fear and trauma. How can we see their suffering simply because they are not Muslim? Why do they attacks on minorities by the name of religion?

Why should you not sacrifice a few hours or a day for the victims out of your compassion by joining us in the protest against such brutal attacks on innocent Buddhists and other minorities? Buddhism and other minority religions may not survive without your help and cooperation although Buddhists live in this country since the birth of Buddhist religion.

We will be very much appreciated and grateful for your presence for this good cause!!!

Demonstration Date: 11th October 2012 (this coming Thursday) at 2pm to 4pm

Place: Parliament Square at 2pm and 3pm walk down to 10th Downing Street and foreign office to hand over the petition

Buddhists Want Peaceful Existence!!

Yours Sincerely,

On behalf of Bangladesh Buddhist Association, UK

Venerable Nagasena Bhante 07951382407

Sujan Barua 07921040893

Paban Barua 07908207915

If you need any question or help please talk to one of these numbers above!


Please kindly support this. Thank you very much.

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