Burma_Arakan :Hindu-families-in-recent-unrest-arakan-move-to-capital-from-rural-area

Tun Tun

Pauktaw: Four families of the Hindu community were moved to Sittwe from their residences in Pauktaw Township with the assistance of the responsible authorities on Thursday, said an elder of the Hindu communities.

The photo was taken when the Hindu families arrived at Sittwe ( Photo- Coral Arakan)

The families were said to have been living in the Muslim-dominant Taung Rwa Village that holds about 180 households and is situated in southwestern Pauktaw Township, Arakan State.

They arrived here around 11:30 am yesterday and were sent to the Hindu refugee camp in Danyawady Ward at 3 pm by escort of security forces. It will be convenient and secure for them to live in the camp”, said the elder of the Hindu community’s committee.

Those families were said to have spoken of their difficulties and security risks in their village in Pauktaw to the Hindu Committee based in Sittwe. The committee after asking permission from the authorities helped the families move to Sittwe with the help of the local NGO known as Wanlark Foundation on 20th of September.

“They informed our committee about their difficulties after they were forced by some people to convert to Islam during Ramadan. Since they refused the forced conversion, some villagers destroyed their houses and committed physical assaults on them. So, they had to leave the village and take shelter in nearby Tawlae Village for one month and 26 days with the help of the Village Administrator U Thar Doe Aung and villagers. They have now moved to Sittwe with the assistance of the responsible authorities”, said the Hindu elder.

There are 25 members in those four families moved to Sittwe, he added.