ASIAN DEVELOPMENT BANK -Burma_ Myanmar: Interim Country Partnership Strategy 2012-2014 (Draft Documents for Consultation)

Date: September 2012
Type: Country Planning Documents
ADB administration and governance


In response to ongoing major reform moves by the Government of Myanmar, ADB is now preparing a re-engagement strategy (interim country partnership strategy), which will guide our approach towards full resumption of operations. The interim strategy provides the framework for rapid reengagement, while affording the space required for further analytical work, capacity building, policy dialogue, and broad-based consultations with all development stakeholders, leading to a fully-fledged country partnership strategy. The interim strategy, as summarized in the consultation draft, is informed by ADB’s initial economic and sector assessments on Myanmar, as well as consultations with the country’s government, development partners, civil society, and the business community during the period June to August 2012. The proposed interim strategy envisions a highly consultative process to form the basis of the ensuing full country partnership strategy.


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