Thousands of Buddhist Monks March Demanding Justice for Arakanese Victims-all important links on post

Thousands of Buddhist Monks March Demanding Justice for Arakanese Victims

Tens of thousands of Buddhist monks and people of Burma turn-out to show their support for President U Thein Sein of Burma who publicly proposed illegal Bengali foreigners, so-called Rohingya, to put them in the camps under the supervision of UN and sent them to any third countries who are willing to take them.

Monks in Burma are not allowed to vote in the elections and they cannot sit in the parliament according to the 2008 constitution drafted and adopted unilaterally by previous military regime. Monks are especially not happy that they are marginalised in Burma since they cannot voice out their concerns.

Addition, government formed Commission to investigate recent Arakan conflict faces the criticism of people of Burma since there is no Buddhist Religious Leaders i.e. Buddhist Monks included even though there are more than 500, 000 strong Buddhist Monks in Burma.

“It is also contrary to see Burma as a Buddhist majority country marginalised Buddhist monks in everyday of life by the regime”, said a Burmese scholar who does not want to reveal his name. He said if we look at other Muslims majority countries such as Maldives — Islam is the official religion and open practice of any other religion is forbidden and liable to prosecution.

He went on explained that in Pakistan “Islam was declared the state religion. The Constitution stated Pakistan’s official name as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Only a Muslim could become the President or the Prime Minister of Pakistan. No law repugnant to Islam shall be enacted and the present laws shall also be Islamised. Addition, Sharia law, an Islamic law, is above the supreme high court and above all the laws in Pakistan.”

People of Burma pointed out that there is no Buddhist Monk included in the Arakan Investigation Commission even though representatives from all major religious leaders such as Muslims, Christians and Hindus included in it.

One of the Buddhist Monk Leaders who joined the mass rally said in the media interview that “We don’t have any rights to vote nor we don’t have any place to raise our voice to be heard. This is one of the reasons why we are demonstrating”.

People of Burma are very outraged to learn that Human Rights Watch (HRW) is acting as the paid machineries for so-called Rohingya Bengali foreigners. Burmese correctly pointed out the fact that Human Rights Watch (HRW) is totally biased with so-called Rohingya Bengali.

Burmese said that Human Rights Watch (HRW) got only interest in making money so that they favour so-called Rohingya Bengali since they can be the useful money making tools securing various funding under the disguising masks of Human Rights.

People of Burma make very clear that recent Arakan conflict is nothing to do with the religion but everything to do with foreigner Chitagonian Bengalis from Bangladesh illegally entering Burma killing indigenous Arakanese of Burma.

For genuine Burmese activists, they are not surprised to see HRW is becoming a network of the ferocious propaganda mercenaries of so-called Rohingya Bengali since they have long been brain-washed by various so-called Rohingya Bengali groups around the world for more than two decades.

An anonymous comment in response to biased report of HRW put his view this way that—

“The story told by the natives must be listened. The reflections of people of Burma must be respected. Human Rights Watch reports heavily biased report based on deep hatred towards the Burmese military government, willingly or unwillingly damaging the nation’s culture, identity and the rights of the native people. Human Rights Watch reports was written by interview only to Rohingyas (one sided) or using Muslim reporters who have religious duty to protect fellow Muslims. Human Rights Watch promotes terrorism, violence by protecting illegal migrants, criminals. Human Rights Watch reports based on inaccurate history written by historians who had never lived in the region, ignoring the living history told by the native Arakanese and the history appears in favour of the natives. Human Rights Watch interferes with civil society order and a country’s sovereignty by falsify history, legalized illegal migration, incite violence by protecting criminals. It is sad to see people died in India, because of the Human Rights Watch report about Rohingyas in Burma”.

At the high of the Arakan crisis, so-called Rohingya exploited the religion as the tool to do their propaganda promoting religious hatred and religious intolerance against Buddhist. As the results, a lot of Pakistan based Islamic extremists networks fan the flame by using doctored images with fabricated stories spreading lies and hoax rumours.

Sayardaw U Wirathu who led the rally in Mandalay interviews with France 24 said that it is a question of justice. Venerable U Wirathu said that –

“We wanted the world to know that the Rohingya are not among the 135 different ethnic groups that are recognised in Burma. We also wanted to make sure everyone knew that we, as Burmese people, do not condone their acts of violence. Lastly, we wanted to highlight the importance of border security, by pointing out the fact that there have been some on the western border which runs along Bangladesh in the past who were not concerned with Arakan’s security and did their job carelessly. We have lived peacefully among different religions and ethnicities for years. But we now have these illegal Bengali immigrants demanding to be recognised as a native ethnic group and asking to be granted citizenship. We want people to know the truth, that the Rohingya are not Burmese and that they are not a peaceful group.”

The spark started when three Muslim Bengalis, so-called Rohingya, gang raped the Buddhist Arakanese girl and murdered her by slitting the throat.

The Arakan crisis started when terrorists Chittagong Bengali Muslims who labelled themselves as Rohingyas had set fire on Arakanese Buddhist houses and murdering dozens of Buddhist Arakanese villagers in the area of northern Arakan state where Chittagong Bengali Muslims are majority of the populations.

Burma is a nation of various different religions peacefully coexisting for centuries. Burmese see recent Arakan conflict as the foreigners Bengalis illegal immigrants so-called Rohingya murdering local indigenous Arakanese people. (BDC News)

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