KI A attacked back to government military unit which attacking to LaiZar headquarters

Zao_ha_RaaKachin Independence Organization (KIO) attacked back to government military unit seriously which is attacking to LaiZar headquarters said one of KIA commanding officer.

“Two battles are still fighting near LaiZar headquarters. It started since yesterday. But today, it is more serious and take long times than yesterday. And also battles are spreading on the way of LaiZar headquarters’ food supply and transportation. At least, it is spreading about (5, 6) battles. It is seriously. We cannot tell it certainly yet.”  Commanding officer said that on 28, August, 2012.

The battles are fighting in the main area of LaiZar and also spreading at Brigade 5 areas. Yet the government military units was attacking to LaiZar headquarters in everyday, they could not come closer about months and then KIA’s military units attacked to government again as in this current.

In KIA Brigade 5 area, have fought between Kha La Ya (56)’s military unit and KIA’s Common Security military unit near Doh Phone Yan School on 27 August. Similarly, government military unit Kha La Ya (260) and KIA’s battalion (3) military unit have fought at the area between Wu Htaung and Lawh Khaung on that 27, August. And then, government’s Kha Ma Ya (301) military unit and KIA’s battalion (3) have fought near Kha Zuu village again.


Other than Brigade (5) area, KIA’s battalion (6) under control military unit (Pher Kat area) have fought with government’s Kha La Ya (272) military units at Phyu Hmaw, Sai Jar Bwan, and Morning Star Company or (Moe Tauk Kyal Company) on 27 August in morning 9 am until 4:30 pm. Those battles are continuing until today and KIA is in better situation said local people on 28, August.

Thus, Pher Kat local people moved to Pher Kat Town. KIA’s military units form Pher Kat had upper hand on government and attacking on them more seriously said local people.

Before KIA’s military units attacked back, they first seriously attacked to government’s back row, food supply and transportation forces which for government’s military units attacking to LaiZar headquarters. KIA had upper hand on the government’s back row and continuing attacked back to government’s front forces near LaiZar headquarters.

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