Burma: Arakanese houses put up for sale in Maungdaw

Maung Aye

Maungdaw: A number of houses owned by Arakanese in downtown Maungdaw in Arakan State are now reportedly being put up for sale.

The house in Maungdaw will be sold.( Photo- Eleven Media)

“Yes, I have found some houses of Arakanese with billboards that read “this house will be sold”. It is very regrettable and that shows mainly that there is no secured conditions for Arakanese to live in their town anymore”, said an Arakanese elder living in downtown Maungdaw.

A youth from Ward No. 1 in Maungdaw also said the numbers of Arakanese houses that are advertised to be sold are increasing within the last few days.

“Now there have been already 16 houses being advertised for sale. There is no security for Arakanese to live in the town because the masterminds of recent violence who include the UN and NGO employees were freed by the government without taking any action. As the government has done so, the future situation here will become worse and many residents in Maungdaw now fear that they lack security for their lives. So, they are now preparing to move to Rangoon after selling off their properties here”, said the youth.

He said that some of his neighboring houses are amongst those up for sale as well.

Another elder from Maungdaw said the Arakanese residents have decided to move to other places from their town after the government released the main suspects of the violence in their area in fear of international pressure.

“The situation here will be under control as long as the forces of the army are deployed. If the army retreats, the situation will get worse again because the government has already released the culprits who are most responsible for the arson attacks and killings of Arakanese people in our area without taking any action against them. There is no law to protect us here and who should we rely on for our security. So, we have to decide to leave”, said the elder.

He said the recent news of bomb threats on five landmark places in Maungdaw that include Alodawpyiy Monastery, Police Station, and Telegraph Office has also heightened the anxiety amongst the local residents for their security.

Many Arakanese residents said there will not be sustainable security for them to live in Maungdaw due to the weaknesses in government’s administration and the armed security forces are still deployed in every public place and around the residential wards in order to control the situation.

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