Burma: Eight Thai Citizens Facing Prison

Tuesday, August 28, 2012
Eight Thai citizens were among 92 people sentenced to 7 years in prison by a Burmese court in  Kawthaung, southern Burma on August 24, after being found guilty bringing illegal guns to Burma, according to local sources.

The court found the group guilty of illegally importing the weapons into Burma following an investigation into eight people that ended in July.

A source from Kawthaung Township who is close to the Burmese authorities told Kaowao that “They sentenced eight people for 7 years. There will also face one more charge in relation to possession of illegal drugs.”

The eight people who were sentenced for gun running were part of a group of ninety two Thai citizens who violated immigration and forestation laws in Burma and were each sentenced by a court in Kawthaung Township to three and half years in prison on July 23. The 82 men and 10 women were arrested for encroaching on Burmese territory on July 4.

Security forces seized timber-cutting machinery, bulldozers and trucks which they say were being used for illegal logging.

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Burma_Kachin:The local people will demonstrate from World largest Tiger Reserve.

Thursday, 23 August 2012 11:35
The local people from the world largest tiger reserve in Hugawng, Tanai town ship, Kachin State, Burma, they are arriving to Yangon for demonstrating. This demonstrating is to get back their land 2 millions are-ca which were confiscated by Yuzana company. The company own by the MP U Htay Myint.The over 20 land owners from Sha Htu Zup, Awng Ra, Ban Kawt, Lajaba, Sanpya, Warazup. If the government doesn’t solve their land issue, they are preparing for demonstration at the in-front of Company, Ba Han town ship.

Gold mining at Hugawng Tiger Reserve by Yuzana company.

“We will do press conference at 1 PM in the City Star hotel and tomorrow will be asking authority to get permit for demonstrating. If the company doesn’t consult anything on it, we demonstrate at the in-front of Yuzana Company” Daw Bawk Ja said to Irrawaddy; who is helping to farmer group and NDF party member.
The company has confiscated the land for sugar cane, tapioca plantation as boi fule sine 2006. Local people said that the company started large scale gold mining in February 2012.
The local people have sued to company at Kachin State court since 2008 to 2012 but it doesn’t work. So they have to come to Yangon to know public.
“Our land was grabbed by company, nobody know that case. So we don’t have any work for survive and have face difficulty for surviving and child education. If we did demonstration at our place, nobody would know and we would be oppressed by authority” said by Laja Ba whose 10 are-ca land was confiscated.
Company is doing large scale mining at the  Large scale of gold mining by Yuzana company and village track officer in World the biggest tiger reserve  in Hugawng valley.The gold mining area has confiscated farmland a long Mogawng river from local people by Yuzana company.
The reason for gold mining is constructed middle school in Sanpya village for local people under development project. But local people did not have benefit from the gold mining. School in Sanpya village is still lack of education for children and they have no equipments and materials.  Village track officer U Bahkyam Naw Di and Yuzana company give access to extracted gold mining.  Yuzana company and village track officer collect tax,  for one mining (500,000/-) five hundred thousand kyat and (300,000/-) three hundred thousand per month for gold bucket machine by boat in water.The gold mining under development project causes social problems are land confiscation, 90% of people using drug, sex industry. Large scale of environmental destructed by gold mining in the tiger reserve.
People in Yuzana company area and gold mining in Tiger reserve have no rule of law and like as no administrated rule. People have challenged dangerous for their livelihood.
Local authority always said that this is development for local people. Gold mining have extended more and more till today. But Local people are more and more suffering under development project.

Karen National Union (KNU) and the Burmese Government Set the New Dates for Third Round Negotiations

Karen National Union (KNU) and the Burmese Government Set the New Dates for Third Round Negotiations

28 Aug 2012

The Karen National Union (KNU) and the Government of Burma have agreement to set the new dates for the third round negotiations meeting.

The two parties agreed to meet from September 3 – 4, 2012 in Hpan-an, Karen State. The 3rd round negotiations meeting will focus on the guarantee of safety for civilian and the building of trust progressively at every level of negotiations. The following items will be principally discussed:

(1) The relocations of the Burma Army troops systematically from Karen State and other conflict ridden Karen areas; and
(2) The Code of Conduct, which was drafted by the KNU and submitted to the Burmese Government.

KNU believes that the endeavor to achieve a lasting peace after decades of armed conflicts and political disputes will be possible through the participation and support of all concerned parties and stakeholders.

The spokespersons will answer any questions from the media or the public.

Contact: Naw May Oo Mutraw – Phone: (66) 85 248 3013, Email:knu.nego@gmail.com

Burma Removes 2,000 from Government Blacklist

Posted August 28th, 2012 at 1:50 am (UTC-4)

Burma has removed over 2,000 citizens from a government blacklist long used to keep exiled critics of the country’s former military rulers from returning to their homeland.

The New Light of Myanmar hailed the move as a continuation of Burma’s recent political and economic reforms. The state-controlled paper did not discuss the status of over 4,000 people remaining on the list, keeping many journalists, activists, and others from entering the country.

It said the ban was lifted on 2,082 of the country’s 6,165 black-listed persons after “scrutinizing them in conformity with the current policies.” The newspaper did not elaborate or provide detail on who the move will affect.

The news comes as Burmese President Thein Sein reshuffled his Cabinet Monday, promoting allies who back his reformist agenda.

In the long-awaited shake-up, the president awarded four of his key ministers additional posts in the Office of the President. They include the ministers of finance, rail transportation, and national planning and economic development. The ministers are seen as allies of the president who have helped to implement reforms he has promoted.

Another change is the reassignment of Information Minister Kyaw Hsan who was widely seen as close to the former military junta. He is replaced by Labor and Social Welfare Minister Aung Kyi, who has represented the government in talks with opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

The reshuffle of nine ministers has been anticipated for months. A further 15 new deputy ministers are also being appointed.

The director of the Burmese President’s Office, Zaw Htay, told VOA that the reshuffling process is just starting and will later be followed by reconstruction. “This is just the beginning, more will come. This is not the final.”

President Thein Sein has faced criticism from government conservatives who are reluctant to give up the powers previously enjoyed by the military. Since taking power in March 2011, President Thein Sein has released hundreds of political prisoners, eased press restrictions, and allowed Aung San Suu Kyi to successfully run for parliament.

Burma Removes 2,000 from Government Blacklist