Burma_Myanmar Government attack and take over KIA’s PanWar camp by military strategy

kachin_08ee321KIA spoke person Salankabar La Nan said, government forces attacked us seriously to take over one of our camp which Kachin Indepence Army (KIA) Brigade (1) at PanWar area, Chi Phway Township in the Northeastern part of Kachin State near China-Myanmar border Tan Chun at boundary post No (6) on 20  August morning.

“The fight has been seriously about 2 hours. 2 dead bodies left from government sides. They came and attacked us with 2 battalions. They were attacking PanWar area with over 400 forces. They could not break and withdraw their forces. It seemed as the government sides had suffered and killed more. The battalions which attacked us were Kha-La- Ya (77) and Kha-La-Ya (47)” said La Nan KIA spoke person.

Since August 15, government troops attacked PanWar area near border boundary post 6 and 7 then on 20 August; they try to take over this camp which is KIA Brigade (1).

This time is the first time of the government’s confiscating camp. In this area, we have about 500 refugees and also free battle zone that KIA nominated with U Aung Min at freely discussion on 20 July.

In the earlier, Pan War area was Burma Communist Party (Ba Ka Pa) No. (202)’s area. After that, a group led by U Sakontheinyinn surrendered under government and changed to government’s frontier force. U Sakontheinyinn also became as legislative representative. This area was KIA movement field since before Ba Ka Pa’s area.

Since in July, KIA suggested to government where a place we should meet and discuss as secondary country as a standard of non-worried and safely like at Shweli in China for ceasefire discussion. However, government want to meet at Muse in Shan State since before and until today they will only accept the discussion at that place.

Some refugees Committee’s members said, even Kachin refugees from Pan War running and evading, some of Kachin refugees from Shweli border transferred to Myanmar government’s control refugee camps after China government negotiated with Myanmar government.

Additionally, some of Kachin News Media which support the government wrote that KIA was testing heavy weapon which can fire 200 miles. Concerned for this case, U Lar Nan said “We are fighting with our mind strength which has stronger than weapons and we are fighting with what weapons have in our hands. If we really have far miles as heavy weapon, the battle’s situation will change”

Some battle observers said, the reason for creating and spreading news about KIA was using heavy weapons that when government use that kind of weapons, to hide the true and to able to use what weapons they want to.

Therefore, if we consider Pan War military operation and attacking is when government attacked KIA, according to diplomacy they follow China government wells and accepted refugees to attract China, according to military strategy that they are attacking and confiscating, according to media method spreading news that KIA using heavy weapons said some observers.


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