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Burma: Lt. Gen. Yawd Serk regarding the conflict betweenRCSS/SSA and RCSS/SSA

August 24, 2012
Written by Administrator
Saturday, 11 August 2012 22:18

Tai Freedom (TF) : What is the reason of constantconflict between UWSA and RCSS/SSA? Lt. Gen. Yawd Serk (SYS) : The conflict is not about either ethnic problem or trading problem as in the time of MTA. This has happened because the leaders of UWSA’s brigade 171 did not carefully analyze the news. They have military pride and think the problem can be solved through military means. They think the other will fear the use of threat. In fact, the use of military threat cannot

solve any problem. DoesUWSA think that it will only add more weight to the problem?Nobody will step back when it is concerning with the use of military. This would affect only the innocent public and young soldiersresulting in death.It is sorrowful to see the deaths and the handicaps from Loi Tai Leng battle fields in 2005 due to poor news analysis.That battle was fought as a result of the accusation by the Wa that SSA killed Ai Leng who own heroin factory at Karng Par. That could have been solved through negotiation. On 23 March 2012, our soldier was again captured with gun and i-com handset at Tham Vo Gio Gaw.On 16-17 June 2012, with the strength of 300 forces, they destroyed the public fences and farms near Loi Kaw Wan.On 30-31 July 2012, with 150 forces, they captured 14 soldiers from SSA battalion 727 with 14 guns and 4 i-com handsets and they are still not released.Major Tuen Khur sent his delegation for the negotiation and it is not accepted. This is amount to declaring war.

TF : Then how are you going to solve it?

SYS : For the time being, the conflict broke out within the regions only andwe want regional commanders to settle this first because the troops from 727 and 171 know and arein contact with one another. We believe it is not a big problem and will wait for the news. If it cannot still be solved and the report reaches the headquarters, the meeting will be held among the troops and the leaders to decide what to do.

TF : According to the news, is it true that UWSA is unhappy with RCSS/SSA’s request of Mong Daw Mong Htar?

SYS : In reality, RCSS/SSA’s request of Mong Daw Mong Htarhas not been complied with. UWSA also has no power and rights to not allow it because only the President Thein Sein government has the controlling power of the country. As we have signed a ceasefire agreement, we need the development zones. Mong Htar and Homong are our old areas from different periods.Although our request might have been fulfilled, we still don’t have a planto chase them out. We think we are people in the same homeland and we can stay together. We also heard that they are unhappy about it. It is possible to be so if we put ourselves in their own shoes.

TF : Is it possible that Wei Shio Karng is unhappy about the signing of the agreement of cooperation on drug eradication between RCSS and the President Thein Sein on 19 May 2012 and that he fears joint operation by RCSS and the Burma army?

SYS : That thought is one sided with fear and self-conscious. Indeed, UWSA at Pangsang accepts the policy by President Thein Sein and burnt down narcotic drugs on various occasions. If they are far sighted and cooperate with President Thein Sein government for drug eradication in front of the world communities, the warrants for their leadersmight have been decreased. They do not need to fear because UNODC used to cooperate with Pangsang for drug eradication.

RCSS/SSA’s cooperation with President Thein Sein government is due to the announcement by his government to totally eradicate narcotic drugs by 2014. RCSS also has the policy of drug eradication and thus in order for the drugs to rapidly disappear from the union,we see the need to help the President Thein Sein government. We see many teenagers of Shan State have been addicted to narcotic drugs, and fear the lack of strong younger generations for the development of the country. Therefore, we need to cooperate with President Thein Sein government. We do not have the plan as thought by the others to cooperate with the Burma army in attacking UWSA. We have also announced our plan of drug eradication through the development as first priority.

TF : Does Wei Xuegang’s UWSA fear because of thearrest warrants? How do you think of this?

SYS : Wei Xuegang’s group receives the arrest warrants issued by foreign governmentsfor a long time. That is international issue. We do not know much about it. If we are united, we can solve the political issue and the narcotic drug issue of the arrest warrants for them by the foreign government. If we cannot solve political issue, the problems of narcotic drugs and the arrest warrants would become bigger. The narcotic drug problem can deeply be rooted to new generations.

TF : Some say it is to earn money these days. If there is money, anything can be done. Only when there is money, there comes strength. How do you think about these?

SYS : The viewpoint of politician and that of the businessman are not the same. The name comes first for the politician. He puts national issue on his head and depends on the land to stand firm.If the money is put on the head, nation as slave and the land as garbage, it cannot be used to do anything and there is no guaranteehowever much money there is. There is no meaning with the money in the cave and nowhere to go. If the people have the knowledge of politics, no one will think highly of rich men with the money acquired unjustly. They will fear and just step away. Only the people with no knowledge of politics and in need of their daily food would stick with them. Money is honorable and has its own use but the clarification of its sources and usage is needed so that it can be guaranteed.

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