Burma_Myanmar Government attack and take over KIA’s PanWar camp by military strategy

kachin_08ee321KIA spoke person Salankabar La Nan said, government forces attacked us seriously to take over one of our camp which Kachin Indepence Army (KIA) Brigade (1) at PanWar area, Chi Phway Township in the Northeastern part of Kachin State near China-Myanmar border Tan Chun at boundary post No (6) on 20  August morning.

“The fight has been seriously about 2 hours. 2 dead bodies left from government sides. They came and attacked us with 2 battalions. They were attacking PanWar area with over 400 forces. They could not break and withdraw their forces. It seemed as the government sides had suffered and killed more. The battalions which attacked us were Kha-La- Ya (77) and Kha-La-Ya (47)” said La Nan KIA spoke person.

Since August 15, government troops attacked PanWar area near border boundary post 6 and 7 then on 20 August; they try to take over this camp which is KIA Brigade (1).

This time is the first time of the government’s confiscating camp. In this area, we have about 500 refugees and also free battle zone that KIA nominated with U Aung Min at freely discussion on 20 July.

In the earlier, Pan War area was Burma Communist Party (Ba Ka Pa) No. (202)’s area. After that, a group led by U Sakontheinyinn surrendered under government and changed to government’s frontier force. U Sakontheinyinn also became as legislative representative. This area was KIA movement field since before Ba Ka Pa’s area.

Since in July, KIA suggested to government where a place we should meet and discuss as secondary country as a standard of non-worried and safely like at Shweli in China for ceasefire discussion. However, government want to meet at Muse in Shan State since before and until today they will only accept the discussion at that place.

Some refugees Committee’s members said, even Kachin refugees from Pan War running and evading, some of Kachin refugees from Shweli border transferred to Myanmar government’s control refugee camps after China government negotiated with Myanmar government.

Additionally, some of Kachin News Media which support the government wrote that KIA was testing heavy weapon which can fire 200 miles. Concerned for this case, U Lar Nan said “We are fighting with our mind strength which has stronger than weapons and we are fighting with what weapons have in our hands. If we really have far miles as heavy weapon, the battle’s situation will change”

Some battle observers said, the reason for creating and spreading news about KIA was using heavy weapons that when government use that kind of weapons, to hide the true and to able to use what weapons they want to.

Therefore, if we consider Pan War military operation and attacking is when government attacked KIA, according to diplomacy they follow China government wells and accepted refugees to attract China, according to military strategy that they are attacking and confiscating, according to media method spreading news that KIA using heavy weapons said some observers.


Burma: U Aung Min submitted wrong situation about SSPP’s battle problem to supreme legislative

SSPP_03SSPP’s spoke person Colonel Phain Pha said U Aung Min’s submitting to supreme legislative does not have foundation, the reason for fighting between SSPP and the government because of we don’t have relation office and haven’t settled for troops.

“We SSPP signed on 28 January 2012 for ceasefire. And we also had relation offices at Lar Show and Taunggyi. We limited the troop areas, where SSPP area is and where government area is and also sometime we have to withdraw and sometime they have to withdraw. Even we withdraw ours according to agreement; the government sides do not withdraw and then gave us third ultimatum. We already withdrew twice and now they ordered us again.” said Colonel Phain Pha. SSPP’s Officer in-charge at Lar Show relation office leading by Major Sai Aung La and Major Say Phain Pha leading at Taunggyi relation office. Yet we have relation offices, the battles are creation by government said some observers.

Union Peace Foundation Committee’s vice chairman U Aung Min replied as in this link http://www.kawli.info/?p=2520on the question asked by a member of legislature that even SSPP have agreed with ceasefire, why still fighting are occurring?

For SSPP, we can meet and discuss if the government give a reason for troops settlement, but why the government attacked SSPP with no informing. We already had over 30 battles, we reported through Lar Show and Taunggyi relation offices towards Union Peace Foundation and president. However, they could not resolved and continued attacking. Continue reading “Burma: U Aung Min submitted wrong situation about SSPP’s battle problem to supreme legislative”

Burma: Lt. Gen. Yawd Serk regarding the conflict betweenRCSS/SSA and RCSS/SSA

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Saturday, 11 August 2012 22:18

Tai Freedom (TF) : What is the reason of constantconflict between UWSA and RCSS/SSA? Lt. Gen. Yawd Serk (SYS) : The conflict is not about either ethnic problem or trading problem as in the time of MTA. This has happened because the leaders of UWSA’s brigade 171 did not carefully analyze the news. They have military pride and think the problem can be solved through military means. They think the other will fear the use of threat. In fact, the use of military threat cannot

solve any problem. DoesUWSA think that it will only add more weight to the problem?Nobody will step back when it is concerning with the use of military. This would affect only the innocent public and young soldiersresulting in death.It is sorrowful to see the deaths and the handicaps from Loi Tai Leng battle fields in 2005 due to poor news analysis.That battle was fought as a result of the accusation by the Wa that SSA killed Ai Leng who own heroin factory at Karng Par. That could have been solved through negotiation. On 23 March 2012, our soldier was again captured with gun and i-com handset at Tham Vo Gio Gaw.On 16-17 June 2012, with the strength of 300 forces, they destroyed the public fences and farms near Loi Kaw Wan.On 30-31 July 2012, with 150 forces, they captured 14 soldiers from SSA battalion 727 with 14 guns and 4 i-com handsets and they are still not released.Major Tuen Khur sent his delegation for the negotiation and it is not accepted. This is amount to declaring war.

TF : Then how are you going to solve it?

SYS : For the time being, the conflict broke out within the regions only andwe want regional commanders to settle this first because the troops from 727 and 171 know and arein contact with one another. We believe it is not a big problem and will wait for the news. If it cannot still be solved and the report reaches the headquarters, the meeting will be held among the troops and the leaders to decide what to do.

TF : According to the news, is it true that UWSA is unhappy with RCSS/SSA’s request of Mong Daw Mong Htar?

SYS : In reality, RCSS/SSA’s request of Mong Daw Mong Htarhas not been complied with. UWSA also has no power and rights to not allow it because only the President Thein Sein government has the controlling power of the country. As we have signed a ceasefire agreement, we need the development zones. Mong Htar and Homong are our old areas from different periods.Although our request might have been fulfilled, we still don’t have a planto chase them out. We think we are people in the same homeland and we can stay together. We also heard that they are unhappy about it. It is possible to be so if we put ourselves in their own shoes.

TF : Is it possible that Wei Shio Karng is unhappy about the signing of the agreement of cooperation on drug eradication between RCSS and the President Thein Sein on 19 May 2012 and that he fears joint operation by RCSS and the Burma army?

SYS : That thought is one sided with fear and self-conscious. Indeed, UWSA at Pangsang accepts the policy by President Thein Sein and burnt down narcotic drugs on various occasions. If they are far sighted and cooperate with President Thein Sein government for drug eradication in front of the world communities, the warrants for their leadersmight have been decreased. They do not need to fear because UNODC used to cooperate with Pangsang for drug eradication.

RCSS/SSA’s cooperation with President Thein Sein government is due to the announcement by his government to totally eradicate narcotic drugs by 2014. RCSS also has the policy of drug eradication and thus in order for the drugs to rapidly disappear from the union,we see the need to help the President Thein Sein government. We see many teenagers of Shan State have been addicted to narcotic drugs, and fear the lack of strong younger generations for the development of the country. Therefore, we need to cooperate with President Thein Sein government. We do not have the plan as thought by the others to cooperate with the Burma army in attacking UWSA. We have also announced our plan of drug eradication through the development as first priority.

TF : Does Wei Xuegang’s UWSA fear because of thearrest warrants? How do you think of this?

SYS : Wei Xuegang’s group receives the arrest warrants issued by foreign governmentsfor a long time. That is international issue. We do not know much about it. If we are united, we can solve the political issue and the narcotic drug issue of the arrest warrants for them by the foreign government. If we cannot solve political issue, the problems of narcotic drugs and the arrest warrants would become bigger. The narcotic drug problem can deeply be rooted to new generations.

TF : Some say it is to earn money these days. If there is money, anything can be done. Only when there is money, there comes strength. How do you think about these?

SYS : The viewpoint of politician and that of the businessman are not the same. The name comes first for the politician. He puts national issue on his head and depends on the land to stand firm.If the money is put on the head, nation as slave and the land as garbage, it cannot be used to do anything and there is no guaranteehowever much money there is. There is no meaning with the money in the cave and nowhere to go. If the people have the knowledge of politics, no one will think highly of rich men with the money acquired unjustly. They will fear and just step away. Only the people with no knowledge of politics and in need of their daily food would stick with them. Money is honorable and has its own use but the clarification of its sources and usage is needed so that it can be guaranteed.

Thai Army has been demolishing buildings in Loi Taileng, Shan State Army HQ

Since 19 August, the Thai Army has been demolishing buildings in Loi Taileng, Shan State Army HQ, it says are inside Thai territory. The SSA meanwhile says according to the British map used when the boundary was demarcated toward the end of the 19th century, the said buildings except for a few are well inside Burmese-Shan territory. The Thai Army, on the other hand, has instead chosen to refer to the US map. (SHAN)

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India blocks Tribune blog exposing Burma ‘Muslim killings’

India blocks Tribune blog exposing Burma ‘Muslim killings’

The Government of India had blocked the URL of a blog hosted on The Express Tribune exposing a social media campaign seeking to inflame Muslims regarding the violence against the Rohingya in Burma. The blog was reportedly among 309 other URLs blocked for a short period by the Indian government in the wake of the lower Assam riots.
Ironically, the blog by Faraz Ahmed had exposed how people on Facebook and Twitter were using wrong captions for photos from Southeast Asia to portray that Muslims were being killed by the Burmese government.
Ahmed’s website had also been blocked in India.

The list is mostly dominated by links from Facebook and YouTube.
According to a Times of India report, both Facebook and Google are working with the Indian government to remove illegal content. The Indian government had apparently found 102 URLs on Facebook and 85 URLs on YouTube containing “communally sensitive” content.
According to the website of Centre for Internet and Society (CIS), almost “all of the blocked items have content (images, videos, writings) that are related to communal issues and rioting”.
Pranesh Prakash, a CIS official, said that the blocking of many of the URLs was “legally questionable and morally indefensible”.
The list also contains websites that are believed to be sympathetic to Hindu and Muslim radical groups, and some mainstream media websites.
The Indian government had also earlier claimed that false rumors of revenge attacks for violence against Assam Muslims which led to an exodus of people from northwest India were initiated in Pakistan.
Defence.pk hit by DoS attacks after list leak
Defence.pk is also another Pakistani website that was blocked by the Indian government. An administrator of the website informed The Express Tribune that they were facing Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS) since the list had been leaked.
The administrator said that this was the largest attack since the website had been launched, adding that conducting such an attack was a costly affair and that it proved that someone with enough resources was behind it. They added that tracing the sources was not possible unless a high profile agency conducted an international investigation.
The administrator hoped that the Indian government would reconsider the block as they were not doing “anything shady” and were upholding “noble ideals”.