Over 100 Arakanese have held a demonstration protesting against the UN and INGOs on Sunday

Yangon: Over 100 Arakanese have held a demonstration protesting against the UN and INGOs on Sunday marching along the street in Rangoon holding banners and placards.

“We held a demonstration on Sunday morning, marching from Central Street in San Chaung Township through Shin Saw Pu Street up to Pyiy Street. Over 100 people, some wearing our campaign T shirts, participated in our demonstration”, said Ko Se Thu, one of the organizers.

About 50 of the demonstrators wore T-shirts that read “We love Justice, UN/INGO Stop Discriminations against Arakanese”, while holding placards and banners that read “Don’t Bring Terrorism to Our Land” and “Stop Creating Conflicts in Arakan”, etc.

Ko Se Thu said, “We have held this demonstration because the UN and other INGOs operating in Arakan State are unfair and are perpetuating discrimination against the Arakanese people.”

He said the police forces served as security for the demonstrators during the procession because they had been granted official
permission to hold the demonstration peacefully from the authorities.

The demonstrators are also said to have made eight-point demands to the UN and INGOs that are operating in Arakan State during their demonstration.

Their demands are: (1) To stop discrimination against the Arakanese People, (2) To comply with the President’s decisions, (3) To respect the sovereignty of Burma, (4) To stop creating conflicts in Arakan State, (5) To stop bringing terrorism to Arakan State, (6) To stop abusing the citizens while encouraging the illegal immigrants in Arakan State, (7) To stop unfair activities and (8) To stop abusing the rights of citizens in Arakan State.

“Many journalists came to our demonstration  and the officials of the UNHCR and other INGOs have witnessed our demonstration as well”, said Ko Se Thu.

The demonstration began at 11.30 and was concluded at midday.



Photo MC Rkhin

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