Abbot Ashin Nyanissara Visits Disputed Wat Saimoon Chiang Mai Temple-video

At wat saimoon, Chinag Mai , Donation to free funeral team by Burmese ambassador

The Venerable Ashin Nyanissara, one of Burma’s most highly respected and senior abbots, on Monday evening paid a visit to Wat Sai Moon in Chiang Mai while in northern Thailand to attend the cremation of a senior monk at Lampang.

More than a thousand Burmese migrants turned out to pray in the presence of the abbot, and they meditated and listened intently as he addressed the sensitive local issue of who should become the new abbot for the temple.

In his sermon, U Nyanissara asked that the Burmese community remain calm about plans to install a Thai senior monk at the temple, while at the same time ensuring they preserve Burmese culture.