Burma: Abbot of Shwe Zay De (Golden Pagoda) monastery in Sittwe rejects aid of World Food Programme (WFP)

Shwe_pagodadefeffefThe aid of World Food Programme (WFP) which is giving the provisions for the refugees in Arakan  State is rejected by the abbot of Shwe Zay De (Golden Pagoda) monastery in Sittwe where the victims live, on July (7) according by a person who closes to the abbot.

Why the abbot have rejected that is assuming the WFP gives more preference to Bengali than the Arakan people, however they help to account for the refugee in Arakan State.

“The Monasteries from Maung Taw also do not accept. It is good for doing that because they can comprehend. But it is not responsible for the Sittwe Branch. The UN have specified the Rohingya is the oppressed people in the world. We have to destroy first for that. The aware people must dare to explain at UN. Bangladesh said that Rohingya are not their nationality and they are also unacceptable. Why Myanmar don’t dare to say. It is not the same condition of the previous military administration. No need to afraid of the pressure of international countries. Now this happen is clear,” Ko Myo Thar Ki said.

The refugee camp in Maung Taw also has rejected the aid of WFP and other NGOs. Some NGOs help the Bengali by indirect way however they are saying support for the victims in Arakan State. There were the proofs that not help for the Arakan people although they were helping in repairing the roads and the building for Bengali. To consider that happen, the Arakan refugee camps are not accepting the aid from some NGOs.

There are over (400) victims in the camp of Shwe Zay De monastery in Sittwe. As the abbot rejected the aid from WFP yesterday evening, the aid have been taken from the monastery after arriving.

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