Wa considering Burma Army’s militia status

FRIDAY, 13 JULY 2012 12:48 S.H.A.N.
The United Wa State Army (UWSA) may currently be the strongest opposition armed movement, but its leadership is seriously considering whether it should accept a Burma Army run People’s Militia Force (PMF) status, according to insider sources.

The difference between a Border Guard Force (BGF), a status that Wa and other major armed groups had turned down in 2009, and a PMF is that where as a BGF is administered by Burma Army officers, a PMF is both commanded and run by native officers. Both BGFs and PMFs come under the supervision of the Burma Army’s PMF and BGF Directorate.

Bio Youxiang standing at the podium while Wa troops paraded on 17 April 2009. (Photo: bbs.kokang.net)

“We have been discussing it,” admitted one of the senior (not top) officials told SHAN. “But we have yet to come to the final decision.”

A report predicted 2015, the year of the next general elections, might also be the day of reckoning for the UWSA. Continue reading “Wa considering Burma Army’s militia status”