BDC Burma@ We would like to call for all the ORGANISATIONS calling for BURMA to change 1982 Citizenship law to also call for their respective governments to CHANGE their respective citizenship laws. Please see the case study of UK immigration law. UK Immigration department (UKBA) says you cannot be a BRITISH citizen EVEN if you were born in the UK to parents who are not British citizens and are not legally settled in UK. Even if you were born in the United Kingdom, you will not be a British citizen if neither of your parents was a British citizen or legally settled here at the time of your birth. This means you are not a British citizen if, at the time of your birth, your parents were in the country temporarily, had stayed on without permission, or had entered the country ILLEGALLY and had not been given permission to stay here indefinitely. Before you all say something to other nation’s affair, look at your own nations’ immigration laws.

Why don’t we do the group called BRINGING ALL ROHINGYA STATELESS PEOPLE FROM BURMA TO UK which will lobby UK Government to change UK citizenship law, respect human rights and grant UK citizenship.

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