Burma:Toast to Freedom-MP4-Amnesty International Dublin Electric Burma Concert -18.June 2012

Amnesty International Dublin Electric Burma Concert -18.June 2012

” Toast to Freedom ”
How delicious is the winning of her kiss
Bind her love to eternal bliss
She’s the greatest power in the universe
Her touch will feed your real hope
In the darkest of days and on the steepest slope
Let your good heart and kindness fill her temple
Nobody’s free until everybody’s free
We walk a long winding road, sail the raging seas
No prison cell, no censorship hell
Can claim our obedience and love
Here’s our toast to freedom
To human rights and dingnity
Love, respect and forgiveness
United in the dream for victory
Here’s to the battlefields for justice
Of the tortured, banished and enslaved
To the selfless spirit and commitment
To our brothers and sisters in the grave
She hurts when sovereigns and parliaments meet
To shackle more chains about Liberty’s feet
When the rulers cast the votes they can not spell
Her open eyes desire nothing but the truth
The soul of mankind, untainted youth
Yes-for this I will stand up and fight

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