How Anti Rohingya Bengali Islamic Extremist Terrorists Campaigns Started-

June 13, 2012 — Burma Democratic Concern (BDC)

How Anti Rohingya Bengali Islamic Extremist Terrorists Campaigns Started

We have all kind of religions in Burma. There is no religious war as far as I am concern. The fact is that Rohingya are illegal immigrants and they are asking for the ethnic rights which we cannot give. Even to be the citizen, we cannot give away Burmese citizenship easily or cheaply to everyone whoever enter into Burma illegally. Rohingya Bengalis enter into Burma illegally while Burmese Democrats and ethnic alike are busy fighting with military regime. Rohingya Bengalis wanted to have northern Arakan, Burma as the Islamic state ruling with Sharia Islamic laws. Rohingyas Bengalis are trained and supported by Islamic Extremist Terrorists including Taliban. Rohingya are taking shelter under mask of refugees and religion. They are making-up the fake the stories for ages appealing the international community by saying that their human rights are violated. Since the military regime is on the other hand notorious for so long for its track records of human rights violation on ethnics groups like Kachin and Karen, etc. At the other hand, Burmese and activists have been keeping silent on Rohingya lies histories with the mind-set of “enemy of enemy is our friend”.They have the perception of it will be set-back if they voice out against lies Rohinga stories. But, behind the curtain all the democrats and ethnic leaders have common position that they don’t recognise Rohingya as the original indigenous ethnic people of Burma. They agree on the fact that we all will sort out the Rohingya problems when the time is appropriate such as when democracy restored in Burma. For the Burmese community in exile, all the Burmese people NEVER ever accept ROHINGYA as part of Burma ethnic people or part of Burma. For the people inside Burma they always see Rohingya Bengali Muslims as the illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and it is in fact right. Addition, Burmese leaders always keep quiet about Rohingya problem which in fact watering the Rohingya problem to grow. We are now officially declared to the world that we never accept Rohingya as part of Burma. Exile media also play their parts fanning the Rohingya flame from the spark to full grown terrorists. Some so-called campaigning groups who self-proclaimed themselves working for Burma are in fact making Rohingya problem bigger since they care only about money and they are doing everything to get money. The issue is long overdue to be resolved. But so-called leaders cowardly avoid taking the responsibility but passing this Rohingya problem fire-ball for the next generation. This is how anti Rohingya Bengali campaigns started and has long been for decades. We will protect our nation and people from all forms of threats to national security including Rohingya Bengali Islamic Extremist Terrorists.