Demonstration Planned to Protest ZNC Registration Refusal

23 May 2012: Zomi communities in Australia, Malaysia and Thailand are to protest in front of the Burmese embassy next Monday against recent rejection by Burma’s government to ZNC’s (Zomi National Congress) application to register as a political party.

The Monday rally will demand an official recognition of ‘Zomi’ as an ethnic tribal group, equal rights and freedom entitled to ethnic nationalities in the country from the new government of Burma, according to ABC Radio Australia yesterday.

The Zomi Association Australia Inc. (ZAA) said Zomis residing in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Coffs Harbour and Wollongong cities would meet in Canberra and stage a protest in front of the Burmese Embassy and the house of Australia’s Parliament.

Burma’s Union Election Commission turned down party registration application of ZNC on the basis that the term ‘Zomi’ is not included in the 130-plus ‘national races’ officially recognized by the Burmese government.

ZNC, a political party that won two seats from Chin State during the 1990 Elections, has been asked to change the name of the party and to submit a new application before the end of this month.

ZNC Chairman Pu Chin Sian Thang, 74, said the party is calling an emergency meeting soon to discuss issues relating to the ‘unexpected’ requirements set by the Election Commission to get registered as a legal political party.

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