People protest against electricity shortage in Mandalay-KDNG

By: Staff Correspondent
Monday, 21 May 2012 11:24
  Translated and Edited by Aung Khin
After frequent electricity cut-off in  Mandalay city for several days, people in this former kingdom city protested against power shortage and demanded 24-hour electricity supply every day.Mandalaynites started the protest at 7p.m on 20 May by lighting up the candles in front of Regional Office of Myanma Electrical Power Corporation situated at 77st road between 26th and 27th streets, as well as in front of Swan Hotel.“The cut-off of electricity started in   April. Power shortages become gradually more severe later. There are many consequences of this problem. While day and night temperatures are getting high, people have been suffering a lot of miseries for months. However, the government officials did not solve the problems. So we are now asking peacefully to relieve our sufferings,” said a resident in

With regard to this demand, Mandalay Region Minister for Electricity and Industry Dr. Myint Kyu and responsible engineer Daw Aye Aye Min of Electricity Power Corporation hold a press conference at 9a.m on the same evening.

“We understand the problems of people. We are not neglecting them. While we are drawing plans to tackle them, we have to experience this protest,” said the minister.

“We have asked for generators from our regional headquarters to supply electricity in Mandalay city. Although we want to fully distribute electricity, we have no enough power supply. So we are just to ask the electricity from Heaven Spirit for shower,” said the engineer of EPC.

The responsible persons said at the press  that electricity will be distributed in central Myanmar city with five- hour rotational basis by dividing three areas.

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