Thailand announces 12 million baht ($ 400,000) bounty for 25 drug smugglers

20 April 2012
Thailand announces 12 million baht ($ 400,000) bounty for 25 drug smugglers including:
Naw Kham        2,000,000 baht ($ 66,666)
Yishay              1,000,000 baht ($ 33,333)
Saw Lah Pwe-(Nakhanmway ) DKBA   1,000,000 baht ($ 33,333)

BANGKOK, April 20 – Thailand’s Office of Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) has allocated Bt12 million bounty for the 25 most wanted drug dealers and run a 24-hour information hotline, according to Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubumrung.

Mr Chalerm, in his capacity as Director of the National Command Center for Drugs (NCCD), said the Bt12 million in rewards was set for information leading to the arrest of 25 of the most wanted drug dealers to suppress the major drug trafficking syndicates including drug kingpin Usman Salaemaeng who operates network in the southernmost provinces and drug lord Naokan (NorKham or NarKham) who directs drug cartels along the Thai, Myanmar, and China borders.

He said the bounty for the two men was Bt2 million each while the reward for other 23 drug dealers varied upwards from Bt100,000.

The 25 major drug traffickers were part of more than 60,000 dealers who run drug rings at the moment, he said.

The deputy premier said that the higher rewards did not mean to bribe but could be incentive for officials and public to participate in giving information that could lead to the arrest of the dealers.

The poster, bearing photos and information of 25 most wanted drug dealers printed in the  English, Thai, Myanmar and Yawi languages — would be distributed nationwide and would also be published on online media, he said. The hotline would open round the clock to receive information.

He said the person giving information would receive 60 per cent of each reward while the remainder would be given to the authorities who arrest the wanted dealers.

Thirty-six suppression teams have been set up to track down the dealers and coordinate with agencies concerned–including international agencies–to bring the drug traffickers for prosecution in Thailand in case they were arrested abroad. (MCOT online news)