Burma: Three clashes took place in Hsenwi township during the weekend

9 April 2012
Three clashes took place in Hsenwi township during the weekend, killing at least 18 and wounding 13 of the Burma Army troops from Military Operations Command # 16.

  • Date            Location                          Killed        Wounded
    6 April          Homien-Kawng Lang           7              7
    Honawng-kengkham           1               4
    8 April          Hotong                              10             2

    Most of the 300-400 villagers from Mongyang tract forcibly relocated before the April 1 by-elections still unable to return home. Shan State Army (SSA) North signed ceasefire agreement on 28 January.(SHAN)

    • 8 April 2012
      Karen National Union (KNU) delegation led by Zipporah Sein and Mutu Sayphoe meets leaders of ethnic political parties at Rangoon’s Sedona Hotel. They include 1990 election winning parties and 2010 election winning parties. Zomi National Congress’s Pu Cin Xian Thang thanked KNU for being the first to support his 2010 Kalemyo Declaration calling for Panglong II. (Kawli Media)
    • 9 April 2012
      Lashio airport closed for about 24 hours after strike by thunderbolt on 5 April, around 13:00, caused fissures on the runway. The repair was supervised by armored command chief who has been acting regional commander while the incumbent Maj Gen Aung Kyaw Zaw is in Naypyitaw to attend a meeting.(SHAN)

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