KNU Media Advisory Statment April 4 Burmese-Karen

 KNU Delegation

A Karen National Union (KNU) peace delegation will meet Burmese MP-elect Aung San Suu Kyi for the very first time in Rangoon on Friday, according local sources.

A KNU statement released on Wednesday said that the group will talk with representatives from Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) and other Karen civil society organizations and political parties in the former capital.

“The purpose of these meetings is to engage all levels of society in the process of achieving peace in a nation that has been in armed conflict for several decades,” said the statement. Continue reading “KNU Media Advisory Statment April 4 Burmese-Karen”

Leaked document says China Power Investment (CPI) “planning to restart” Myitsone dam project

MYITKYINA, Burma — Environmental activists concerned that the controversial Myitsone dam project was never in fact halted say that a recently leaked document proves that construction is indeed moving ahead as previously planned.

The leaked document is a March 28 letter written by Chinese government officials to their Kachin state counterparts requesting that “500 road construction engineers” be given permission to enter Burma because “China Power Investment (CPI) is planning to restart the Myitsone Hydro-power Project”.

The letter addressed to Kachin state chief Minister Lajawn Ngan Seng, also asked that CPI be given permission to bring “1,000 tons of diesel, 200 tons of petrol, 10,000 tons of cement, 5 bulldozers, 6 excavators, 8 trucks, and 20 cars, as well as other necessary materials and goods (for rations) to enter” Burma at the Kambaiti (also spelt Kan Pai Ti) gate without having to pay import duty.

The letter written by the chief in charge of the Tengchong-Myitkyina Road Liaison Office is according to the Kachin Development Networking Group (KDNG) solid proof refuting President Thein Sein’s September 30, 2011 announcement that project was suspended. Continue reading “Leaked document says China Power Investment (CPI) “planning to restart” Myitsone dam project”