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Shan State Poll Watch-2.April

April 2, 2012

22:00, 1 April 2012)

Village Tract KDUP SNDP USDP LNDP NLD Invalid
Nawng Mawn (Pong Htoon) 1 220 53 3 173 10
Hang Na-Hernlawn 4 888 30 6 41 70
Downtown (62 stations) 5,488 10,148 7,834 938 20,535 ?

A soldier from a battalion, based in Lashio, says his freedom to exercise his right, like others in the unit, was forfeited when his superiors took the responsibility to tick his ballot paper.

SNDP monitors say apart from Kung Mong and Nampawng, where the People’s Militia Force (PMF) of Bo Mon is supreme, and Quarter # 5 (Kawng Ai) where the NLD is leading, the SNDP appears to be doing well. (Data at 09:30, 2 April, says SNDP is still leading)

According to Sai Win Khaing, MP, People’s Assembly, elections held in Hsenwi is generally free and fair. The SNDP won by a wide margin in most of the polling stations in Hsenwi.

The SNDP is leading in 13 polling stations, NLD in 1 and USDP in 1. (18:00)

In 45 polling stations, SNDP gets 9,050 votes, NLD 2,971 and USDP 2,731 (22:00)

Kalaw, People Assembly

Village Tract NUP SNDP USDP NLD PNO Invalid
*Mulon 12 7 410 2
*Kabani 17 11 237 5 30
*Kyauk Pawk 1 109 57 2 18
115 polly stations out of 131 stations 1,212 491 14,692 40,781 8,321 2,794

*Data from Eleven Media Group (Sao Tha Oo, SNDP candidate, 09:30, 2 April, says NLD won by 43,943 votes)


At Quarter # 5, Lashio, 1 polling station has 1,355 eligible voters. Only 454 turned up to exercise their rights.

At Wanmark, Mongyaw, also in Lashio Township, there are more than 500 eligible voters, but no one turned up all day. So far, nobody knows the reason.

One SNDP monitor commented that many Shans don’t have ID cards, because they used to be expensive and also many Shans didn’t think they need to go anywhere outside Lashio. “Now that the IDs are cheaper, about 5,000 kyat, and we need their support, the people must be encouraged to obtain ID cards from now on,” he said. “On the other hand, ethnic Chinese, both native and alien, are buying ID cards at more than 100,000 kyat each. This trend will grow, if it is not kept in check.”

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