Shan State Poll Watch-Lashio 15.00

SUNDAY, 01 APRIL 2012 15:23 S.H.A.N.

Lashio        The daughter of Quarter # 5 polling station chief was ticking the ballots for the voters for 10 minutes. She stopped after a party watcher went up to her and warned.

Boxes carrying advance votes arrived there before the polling station was opened, as required by law. Another batch of advance vote boxes arrived at 07:30. The NLD watcher asked the polling station chief not to accept them, but he did nevertheless.

At Quarter # 4, there were very few civilian voters, as the polling station was set up for the military (LIB 522) and their families. Both the NLD and SNDP did not place watchers there. (Advance vote boxes failed to arrive at Polling Station # 4 at 08:45, prompting NLD to protest.)

At Quarter # 3 polling station, there are few voters.

At Quarter # 6, there are many people who were unable to find their names on the list. (According to the list, there are only 1,700 eligible voters. But the number of people with tokens exceed 1,800, according to some voters.)

At Manna, outside the city, there are no security officials and the polling station officials spend their time disturbing the voters: making loud noises and overlooking voters ticking their ballot papers.

At Man Ai, voters, mostly Palaung and Kachin, say they saw at least 4-5 people voting 3 times each.

At Quarter # 12 Polling Station # 4, officials say, “You can tick any party you like,” but their fingers were pointing at the USDP logo on the ballot paper, according to a voter.

Hsenwi    3 more polling stations closed early. The results:

Village tract KDUP USDP SNDP LNDP NLD Invalid
Mongpai 8 106 196 3 141 17
Pang Phart 4 4 129 114 18 26
Mongpa 3 24 181 4 8 15
Teng Yek 1 11 252 2 26 ?
Kawng Ai 3 22 181 4 8 ?
Mongli 4 4 129 4 18 ?

Tangyan    2 polling stations moved on short notice this morning. Most voters failed to turn up, as a result.

Kalaw township
According to Eleven Media Group, NLD is getting the most votes in 2 polling stations in Heho: 179 to USDP, 52; PNO, 22; NUP, 9; SNDP, 5; and invalid, 76.

Shan State Poll Watch

SUNDAY, 01 APRIL 2012 12:59 S.H.A.N.

Consituency # 3, National Assemblty

Lashio        NLD candidate Sai Myint Maung says he has lodged a complaint with the District Election Commission (DEC) and the Union Election Commission (UEC) on local administrators issuing tokens, supposedly to save time at the polling station. Two voters, 18 and 19, have never had ID cards. But they had tokens and were allowed to vote. Another one is from Pegu (Bago) and could not go back, but he was given a token so he could vote. (Each token has one’s name and ID number) “It means everyone who has a token can vote even if he/she doesn’t have an ID,” he said. “Both the DEC and the UEC seem to be unaware of it.” The USDP has been taking advantage of the situation, to issue its supporters with tokens, he added.

Hsenwi    The Hotong village tract completed the polling at 09:30. The results:

SNDP    270 votes
NLD       68 votes
USDP    65 votes
LNDP    35 votes

“The voting there was free and transparent,” said Sai Win Khaing, MP, People’s Assembly.

Meanwhile, some 200 people in Kunkawk village tract found their names missing on the list when they came this morning to vote.

Kalaw township, People’s Assembly

More than 100 are not listed at Quarter # 3 polling station. NLD is discussing with the township EC about this. Few voters from the local ethnic people seen.

At the Yegyo village tract school compound, where a polling station has been set up, most of the 200 eligible voters are from the nearby military post. The SNDP observer said he had been there all morning and saw no soldiers came out to exercise their right.

Shan State Poll Watch

SUNDAY, 01 APRIL 2012 10:03 S.H.A.N.

Shan State Constituency #3, National Assembly

Shan State Constituency #3, National Assembly

Lashio     Free and secret voting. Many complain their names are not in the list. One resident’s child is even a poll station chief. Ethnic Chinese voters are more conspicuous. Most of them are under pressure to vote for the Lion, according to a source.

Nampawng     Half an hour late in opening the polling stations. 3 altogether. U Hla Pe, chief of village tract, had issued tokens to eligible voters that will save their time checking their identities at the polling station, at the price of 500 kyat ($ 0.6) each. Protest by SNDP that says it is unconstitutional.

Hsenwi    Many eligible voters are not seeing their names on the lists.

Mongyai    People’s Militia Force (PMF) members taking responsibility for polling station security. Free voting. Same in Tangyan.

Kalaw township, People’s Assembly

SNDP is satisfied to see many voting in support of Sao Tha Oo. In Baw Nang (Bawnin), the USDP has lodged complaint with the EC against NLD youth who had torn a USDP campaign poster on 30 March.

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