Drug godfather,Naw Kham has been moved to Vientiane- Office of Narcotics Control Board (ONCB)-Thailand

29.april 2012 Sukhum Opasnipat, Deputy Secretary General, Office of Narcotics Control Board (ONCB), says it has received confirmation from Lao authorities of having apprehended drug godfather  Naw Kham , and that he has been moved to Vientiane. He believes Naw Kham will be extradited to China to face charges on his alleged involvement in the killing of 13 Chinese sailors in October 2011. (Thai News Agency——–

Latest report (unconfirmed) says Naw Kham has been moved to Luang Namtha. He has offered 20 million baht ($ 6.67 million) “bail” for his release. China meanwhile has offered a 2 million yuan ($ 3.33 million) “reward”.  (SHAN)

27.april   Vientiane has yet to make any official statement on the recent arrest of Naw Kham, according to sources in Chiangrai. His followers in Tachilek say it is hard to believe their leader would be so careless he got caught so easily. ASTV and The Nation report among 8 of the suspects arrested on 25 April were Naw Kham himself and his lieutenant Tao Mai Daeng. “Tao” is Mister for Laotian. (SHAN)


26.april   Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA), whose leader Saw La Bwe aka Nakhanmwe is on Thailand’s drug reward list, issues statement inviting Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubamroong, head of the anti-drug suppression center, to visit his headquarters and verify his allegations. “If he fails to do so, the DKBA will take action in accordance with international law,” it warns. Email: <myawaddyofficedkba@gmail.com>, Tel: (66) 087 571 4771

Shan State Army (SSA) ‘North’ ordered to move out of Burma Army’s way

THURSDAY, 26 APRIL 2012 13:41 S.H.A.N.

Shan State Army (SSA) ‘North’ units operating around its former HQ Hsengkeow in Hsipaw township have been ordered to withdraw by the Burma Army’s Lashio-based Northeastern Region Command on Tuesday, 24 April, according to SSA sources.

The withdrawal order was relayed to the SSA liaison office in Lashio, Shan State North capital, by Chief of Staff Col Win Thein. “He said if we were unable to pull out, the next best alternative would be not to be seen wearing uniforms and carrying arms.”


sspp-ssaSSPP/SSA troops at the 48th anniversary of the founding of the SSPP parade (Photo: SSPP)


The Burma Army is carrying out an “area-cleansing” operation, according to the locals. Continue reading “Shan State Army (SSA) ‘North’ ordered to move out of Burma Army’s way”