Human Rights Correspondence School Lessons 67 s available now.

Lesson Series 67: Prison visits in the Philippines

The Issue

The conditions of prisons in many Asian countries give rise to further abuse and human rights violations, including torture and ill treatment. While existing human rights standards provide for prisoners to have the same human rights as everyone else, with certain limitations due to liberty restrictions, the reality is far different. Throughout Asia, prisoners are denied basic human rights, such as the right to adequate food, sanitation, health care. Prisoners also often suffer verbal and physical abuse.

The idea of visiting prisons and places of detention is to ensure that prisoners’ basic rights are protected. Deprived of their liberties, prisoners are vulnerable to all forms of ill treatment. Moreover, respect of their fundamental rights and needs depends exclusively upon the authorities in charge. Regular visits can therefore improve the transparency within detention centres, which in turn will reduce the levels of abuse.

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