Message sent to The 67th Revolutionary Day By The 88 Generation Students

Message sent to The 67th Revolutionary Day
By The 88 Generation Students

Today is the 67th anniversary of fighting against Fascism throughout the territory of Myanmar by national unity.

After the anti-fascist revolution, at the fourth meeting of national leaders held on August 1945, General Aung San, the national leader and the founding father of the country and the military, claimed clearly; “… If there’s a system in which the imperial minded officials govern the country, there will be the pseudo forms of Fascism which will obstruct the emergence of democracy. We must promote democracy. We must try to build independence Burma by this system.”

Today Myanmar, on her transformation process, it is necessary to change obsolete behaviors and thoughts with the revolution (courageously).

The essence of the constitution is the fact that “The sovereign power of the Union is derived from the citizens and is in force in the entire country.” (Chapter I, Section 4)

Therefore, we seriously believe and encourage that now is the time to mobilize a revolution of thoughts;

“To change the government to people minded,”

“To change the people to government minded, and”

“To change the government’s servants to the public servants.”

The 88 Generation Students

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