Burma: Two Palaung villagers killed by Burmese soldiers led by Col. Tun Tun Nyi under Lashio-based North Eastern Regional Command

Burmese soldiers led by Col. Tun Tun Nyi under Lashio-based North Eastern Regional Command killed two Palaung men on March 12, Gawlai Hkam (age 41) and Aik Chaing @ Gaw Hkaw (age 45) of Mawlung village in Manton township were killed by Burmese soldiers patrolling the areas. A local resident told KLN that two Palaung men were killed while they were fishing in a small stream of water near Mawnoi village. “The soldiers didn’t ask any questions, they just shot both of them on sight,” said a local resident.

On March 8 and 9, the same units under Col. Tun Tun Nyi interrogated and tortured villagers in Manton Township even as Kachin and Burmese governments holding talks in Ruili, China.

A sizable number of Kachins lives in Manton Township and surrounding areas. Manton is also home to the KIA’s 4th Brigade’s 34th Battalion.

Though both sides have met for three days of talks on March 8 and said troops in conflict areas will be reduced, about 500 Burmese soldiers advanced towards KIA’s 5th Brigade’s territory last week.  Local frontline sources reported that Burmese Army again resorts to using artillery shells filled with chemical agents in a battle near Pang Hkawn Yang on March 12.

Skirmishes occur almost daily in Kachin and Northern Shan State as Burmese Army troops continue its military build-up in Kachin areas despite peace talks.

Kachin Land

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