Battle : Fighting continues as Burmese Army expands its presence

   A battle took place on the way between Shwe Nging Shan and Pang Hkawm Yang village as Burmese Army soldiers of 121st Light Infantry Battalion advanced towards Pang Hkawm Yang on March 6, 2012, Kachinnet reported. KIA soldiers under 5th Battalion have deterred invading Burmese soldiers in KIA’s 5th Brigade territory. No casualties have been reported from both sides so far.

KIA soldiers of 3rd Battalion under 5th Brigade have fought against invading Burmese Army soldiers of 88th Light Infantry Division at Kaung San on March 4 at 6 am. Burmese soldiers were heading towards Wu Htau hill from Sam Pai. At least 6 Burmese soldiers were killed in this battle.

On March 3, a battle took place between KIA’s 255th mobile battalion and Burmese Army’s 389thLight Infantry Regiment at Gang Dau Yang. 3 Burmese Army soldiers were reportedly killed in this battle.

KIO General Secretary Dr. La Ja said in a recent press briefing in Chaing Mai, Thailand that if Burmese government really wants a ceasefire, all it needs to do is withdraw its troops from Kachin areas. Though Burmese government is repeatedly saying to international communities that it is working to achieve peace in the country, the actual actions on the ground by Burmese Army are indicating otherwise.

The Kachin arm-struggle revolution began as the then Burmese government ignored the promise of Panglong and asserted the Union in its own term, repressing the ethnic groups and their cultural and religious traditions.  U Nu’s notorious racial project to Burmanize the whole country and to make Buddhism as a state religion further fueled the ethnic resistances.

Renewed arm conflict began on June 9 of last year after 17 years of ceasefire between KIA and Burmese Army. During ceasefire times, natural resources such as timber, gold and jade have been exploited by others without much benefit to local Kachin. Local farmlands were seized by Yuzana Company backed by then Burmese military government in Hugaung valley. Kachin villagers were forcibly relocated for various development projects.  Many Kachin youth became drug addicts.

KIO, political wing of Kachin Independence Army repeatedly said that without meaningful political solution, KIO will not repeat the mistake of the last 17 years. KIO said it is striving to initiate a meaningful and constructive political dialogue based on 1947 Panglong Agreement which the Burmese government has so far objected to implement.


A battle clashes around KIA (2, 5) Brigade control area

A battle confronted with the Burmese forces from LIR-121 who took marched ahead towards KIA (2, 5) Brigade control area through the route via Shwe Nging Shan village under KIA Brigade 2 region that countered with KIA Battalion 5 on March 5, 2012.

At the same day another battle took place near the KIO Regional Development Workers office Gangdau Yang village, targeted by the KIA troops from (255) mobile forces while the Burmese army from  LIB-389 marched ahead by the route between Mali Yang and Gangdau Yang area to assault the KIA controlled position. Whereas according to the frontline sources reported 3 Burmese soldiers were injured in the clashes around 1:00PM local time.

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