Burmese Army officers denied abduction of Sumlut Roi Ja, 28 year-old mother from Hkai Bang village

Burmese Army Post at Mu Hill

Burmese Army Officers from Northern Command denied that Burmese Army’s soldiers of 321st LIB arrested and detained Sumlut Roi Ja, 28 year-old mother from Hkai Bang village in Momauk Township, said Ma Hka, an attorney for the victim. Sumlut Roi Ja (age 28) was abducted  by Burmese Army soldiers on Oct 28, 2011, stationed at Mu hill.

Mr. Brang Seng (age 30) of Tarlawgyi village an official of Kachin Su quarter in Myitkyina, was taken by Burmese soldiers led by Major Aung Zaw Oo from Hkalaya (37) on Jan 5, 2012. The same unit held Mr. Zau Seng of Tarlawgyi village as a hostage

The case was submitted to Burmese’s government’s Supreme Court in Nay Pyi Daw on Jan 26, 2012.  Supreme Court initially agreed to hear cases involving Sumlut Roi Ja, Mr. Brang Seng and Mr. Zau Seng in Nay Pyi Daw on Feb 9, 2012 and later postponed to Feb 23, 2012.

Ma Hka said the Court is expected to issue a verdict on next week. There are two possible verdicts, one is to investigate Sumlut Roi Ja’s arrest by 321st LIB and another is to close the case. Even the Court closes the case, we will continue to try to bring about the truth, said Ma Hka.

Captain Kyaw Kyaw Htay of 321st LIB and Major Zay Yar Aung of 37th LIB were presence in the hearing on Feb 23.

Brang Seng and Zau Seng were convicted under section 17(1) of Unlawful Associations Act and sent to Myitkyina prison. Two Kachin lawyers are currently helping to defend the victims.

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