Suu Kyi speaks to a crowd of 2000 guests in Singapore

Aung San Suu Kyi, a Nobel Peace Prize has expressed encouragement towardsMyanmar, her country surrounded by richness in resources to further the development and reforms in her country once she emerged as the winner this coming April 1st election. Part of her program is the implementation of a child living off a trust fund according to news reported from CNBC.

Suu Kyi speaks to Singaporian guestsPhoto from Kyodo

Burma is remarkably rich in natural resources and itseconomy is deemed a success. But as for human rights and protection they were all violated as this made Western countries enforced various sanctions upon this country.

During the conference summit of Young’s President Organization held in Singapore on Wednesday various questions were thrown at her to which she candidly answered. She even displayed her humour and being a person who is humbled by her growing experiences and position among a crowd of 2,000 guests. She described herself a worker not an icon and this simply demonstrate how humble she is.

Her topmost priority she’s working on if she comes out a winner is to make certain that the rule of law will be observed and that transparency in the government will be part of her program.

Those nations who are keen on investing any form of business in Burma could gladly take a look and check on the investment law which basically does not exist. Another important part of her reform is a call to end all ethnic differences and to amend the country’s constitution.

She strongly believes in the sincerity of President Thein Sein in implementing sets of new reforms and she’s certain to work with him for the betterment of her country. Her willingness to work with the present government is her goal.

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