KIO officials conducted public briefings on current political and military situation in Kachin areas at Laiza, Laisin Hill, 5th Brigade areas, Je-yang IDPs camp on Jan 27, 2012.

On behalf of Kachin government, Chief of staff General Gunhtang Gam Shawng delivered a message to Kachin public at Rawt Ninghkawng hall in Laiza headquarter.

General Gam Shawng says the root cause of current arm conflicts between KIA and Burmese Army is because of unsettled political problem. Negotiations with Burmese government will be ongoing, and Kachin Army will continue to defend its territory and people. He stresses that KIA will continue to fight on until a genuine political settlement is achieved. KIO and Kachin public had suffered tremendous setbacks in politics, military, economics, and environment conditions during 17 years ceasefire period, and the lessons in the past taught us the important of achieving self-determination and credible peace agreements in dealing with Burmese government, said General Gam Shawng.

KIO’s major demand for a genuine political solution is based on Panglong agreement, a signing contract among Burma’s different ethnic groups to form a genuine federal union that guaranteed equal rights and self-determination among different ethnic nationalities.

General Gam Shawng also says that current war is inevitable to achieve a long lasting peace in Kachinland and our courage and strength will solely come from almighty God who will lead us to victory in due time.,-dap-shawa-hpe-sang-lang-dan-ai-zuhpawng-galaw.html
KIO Ginjaw Kawn Mung Shawa, Dap Shawa Hpe Sang Lang Dan Ai Zuhpawng Galaw