NLABR totally denounces the decision of announcement by State Sanga/Monks Order upon Ven. Shwe Nya War Sayadaw with instigating of the wicked Pro-Military Thein Sein regime

Denunciation State Sanga/Monks Order’s action upon Ven. Shwe Nya War Sayadaw taken by the wicked Pro-Military Thein Sein regime

NLABR totally denounces the decision of announcement by State Sanga/Monks Order upon Ven. Shwe Nya War Sayadaw with instigating of the wicked Pro-Military Thein Sein regime on December 15, 2011.


How should we people believe in the Current Myanmar regime saying to lead to the dawn of Democracy?

Does Thein Sein’s regime itself commit an unlawful act like this religious discrimination?

NLABR have aggressively damned this State Sanga/Order’s action, so-called led positive ways of Myanmar Evil Thein Sein’s regime and still being-silent All-Political-Parties-and-organizations domestic, abroad and oversea.

NLABR ourselves have forever feared of putting Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s Non-Violence policy in the wrong and wicked hands of NotoriousThein Sein pro-military regime sooner or later even if the current political climate heads for a good turning points named after national compromises between both and Ethnic Arm-forced Armies.

We NLABR never accept any discrimination like this case.

If all cannot take a severe action upon the cunning religious act like Ven. Shwe Nya Wa’s case, NLABR seriously urge people or public “Not to put faith in Both but to put trust in yourself against all the unlawful acts and laws whatever it is by going to the streets with revealing your true spirit of Human Right and Democracy for the sake of BURMA.”

Sincerely yours
Pen Name: Poet Min Maung (Samurai)
Mr. Myat Ko Ko
A one time honorable visiting Associate Professor-cum-Associate English Lecturer Department of Pitaka-Related English, State Pariyatti Sasana University (Yangon)
Chairman of NLABR


Shwe Nya War Presiding Monk’s Request Letter

A prominent Buddhist monk in Rangoon, who actively supports democracy activists, and recently met with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her visit to Burma, is now under increasing pressure from the official Buddhist monkhood, and looks set to be defrocked.

The news of Ashin Pyinna Thiha’s potential humiliation has sent shockwaves across the city, and protesters have gathered at his monastery to show their concern.

A few months ago, Ashin Pyinna Thiha of the Sardu Pariyatti Monastery, turned his monastery Kyeemyindine Township in Rangoon into a venue for popular political events that were even attended by foreign diplomats. More recently he hosted an event marking the 20th anniversary of pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Before his recent meeting with Clinton, the abbot delivered a sermon at the office of Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) party in Mandalay in Upper Burma, calling for national unity and emancipation from injustice.

The speech was made in September, but a recorded video of the event recently spread among the Burmese public, in which Pyinna Thiha said he had been forbidden by the State Sangha Committee—which is the authoritative council of Buddhist monks backed by the government—from delivering public speeches due to his anti-government stance.

Apparently citing this video, the 47-member State Sangha Committee issued a statement on Monday that the abbot was “disobedient,” within the monk community, and he was to be evicted from his monastery in Rangoon. They also stated that the monastery could no longer be used for any political events.

In an interview, the abbot only responded to the statement by saying, “The days of arbitrariness are gone. Things must go democratic.”

However, he currently remains in his Rangoon monastery though police had reportedly set up a presence around the compound.

The news has sent a chilling sense of anxiety and frustration around the former capital. Burmese blogs have responded actively, and much resentment seems to rest on the premises that there was a growing acceptance at home and abroad that the days of repression were starting to fade under the country’s quasi-civilian government, which had relaxed control over the society in a number of areas.

At 1 pm on Thursday, about 300 lay supporters of the abbot, including leading officials of the NLD, gathered at his monastery in Rangoon due to their concerns that he would be forcibly defrocked.

“We have come here to see that this situation is settled smoothly,” said a Rangoon democracy activist who attended.

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