Obituary of Ba Ba U Lwin, then Secretary of NLD–Condolence

Name:    U Lwin ( Col Maung Lwin – Retired)

Constituency:     Thongwa ( 1 )

( Eligible Voters – 39,029 ; Votes Cast – 31,415 ;

Valid Votes – 26,704 ; Number of Candidates – 4 )

Date of Birth:      22 September 1924

Father:      U Ba Tha

U Lwin is Secretary of the NLD and is a former party Treasurer. He was among the NLD representatives who boycotted the National Convention in December 1995 and is a former BSPP Deputy Prime Minister and member of the BSPP State Council.

He completed high school in Rangoon before World War II and served in the Burma Independence Army (BIA) , Burma Defence Army (BDA)  and with the Patriotic Burmese Force (PBF) from 1942-1945.  He completed BDA officer training at the Japanese Royal Military Academy and from 1952-1954 studied at the British Royal Military Academy. He was also the Military Attaché to the USA.  U Lwin was put under de facto house arrest on 22 September 2000 and released on 1 December 2000.[ Member of CRPP , Chairperson of Committee for Health and Social Affairs ] U Lwin was received 18,189 valid votes or 68 % in 1990 elections.

{ The only original member of the executive committee, who was left after 1990 to help U Aung Shwe in his struggle to keep the NLD intact through the years that threatened its viability as a political party, was U Lwin, the treasurer. U Lwin had joined the Burmese Independence Army as an 18-year-old boy at the outbreak of the war. In August 1943 he was among a batch of Burmese cadets chosen to go to Japan for training at the Rikugun Shikan Gakko (army academy). By the time the young Burmese officers had completed their training in April 1945, the anti-fascist resistance movement had started and U Lwin and his fellow graduates of the military academy remained in Hakone until October 1945, making charcoal which they sold to buy food.

U Lwin continued with his career in the army after independence and was sent on training courses to England and West Germany. In 1959 he was sent to Washington as military attache. On his return from the United States he spent some years as deputy commander of Central Command, then commander of South Eastern Command before he was asked to come back to Rangoon to become a deputy minister.

As the military government that assumed power in 1962 took on a civilian garb under the Burmese Socialist Programme Party, U Lwin served successively as minister of finance, deputy prime minister and a member of the state council. It was as a member of the state council that he resigned in 1980.

U Lwin joined the NLD in 1988 and was appointed treasurer because of his experience in finances and his unquestioned integrity. In 1992, when the NLD was forced to reorganize its executive committee, U Lwin took on the post of secretary, while U Aung Shwe became chairman. ( From “ Letter from Burma No. 18 “ , by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi – Mainichi Daily News 25-3-96 ) }

Source: Results of 1990 Elections by U Khin Kyaw Han


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