Burmese Army soldiers burned down houses and killed a villager

Magway-based 88th LID

The incidence of grave human rights violations has increased dramatically in Kachinland as Burmese Army steps up its military offenses against Kachin Independent Army. Burmese Army soldiers being transported from lower Burma and other states have especially committed various crimes against local residents as they have no sympathy for sufferings of local indigenous people, said local sources.

The government soldiers under 88th LID arrested and killed Aik Jung, an 18 year old Shan national; who was tending cows in pasture at the foot of Ting-rawng hill near Lamai Bang village on December 5, 2011 at around 10 am. Aik Jung was killed without any substantial reason.

On December 6, Burmese Army soldiers under magway-based 88th LID, 317th LIR, 415th LIR entered Mungloi village on Bamaw-Loije road and burned down at least two houses at around 10 am local time. Mungloi villagers have already fled from their homes since they heard the news of Burmese soldiers coming toward their village.

The Burmese military has been burning down villages in order to deprive civilian support to the KIA soldiers. Local residents were often subjected to arbitrary arrest and intimidation by Burmese Army soldiers. The government soldiers have been violently raping local women.  Civilian casualties and sufferings are intensifying and escalating in number daily as heavy artilleries are fired indiscriminately over civilian areas. Over 30,000 refugees have fled from their homes and are currently living in perilous conditions without adequate food, clothing, and shelter. No official aids from the United Nations and other International Aid Agencies are accessible in the areas where these refugees live.


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