WAR KACHIN : Fighting escalates as Burmese Army deploys more soldiers

KIA soldiers dancing at a Manau festival

Fighting between Kachin Independent Army (KIA) and Burmese Government Army has escalated in the past week as neither side seems to be shifting its stance. It is the fourth attempt by Burmese Army to annihilate KIA with more than 120 battalions. Though outnumbered, KIA has launched an effective defense and inflicted heavy casualties against Burmese Army attacks. Burmese Army soldiers meet fierce defense by KIA soldiers in all fronts opened for several major offensives. Burmese Army has transported a number of battalions from lower Burma and other states to replace fallen ones but the morale is low and the number of deserters is reportedly high among Burmese Army soldiers, said a frontline source.

KIA soldiers of 3rd Battalions have fiercely fought against Magwe-based Burmese Army soldiers under 88th LID on December 6, 2011 at around 8 am. The fighting took place between Sampai and Washawng on Laiza-Waing Maw- Kanpaiti road. Burmese Army continuously shelled the areas with heavy artillery. But KIA frontline sources said that they inflicted heavy casualties on Burmese Army. About 30 Burmese soldiers were wounded and some were killed in this battle, said source.

In another front, a fierce fighting took place between KIA’s 25th Battalion soldiers and Burmese Army soldiers at Numlang village near Dawhpum-yang on December 6 at around 5:30pm. Burmese Army’s 438th LIR is stationed at Numlang village.

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