skirmish took place between KIA soldiers under 5th Brigade and Burmese Army soldiers at Dawhpum yang village–Shan villages burned down

A skirmish took place between KIA soldiers under 5th Brigade and Burmese Army soldiers at Dawhpum yang village on November 29, 2011 at 11:30 am. The battle lasted for about 20 minutes. After KIA soldiers retrieved from the battlefield, Burmese Army bombarded Dawhpum yang village with artillery shells, said local sources.

Two Shan villages, Namwai village with about 60 households and Hpagyi village with about 20 households, near Dawhpum yang were burned down by Burmese Army soldiers. Local sources reported at least 23 houses in Namwai village and 8 houses in Hpagyi village were burned down to the ground. The Burmese government soldiers burned the two Shan villages down without any substantial reason, said sources.

KIA soldiers of 3rd Battalion have fought against intruding Burmese Army soldiers at Hukat villager near Talaw gyi on Nov 29. At least 3 Burmese Army soldiers were killed in this battle, said a frontline source.

In another front, KIA soldiers under 3rd Brigade have fought against Burmese Army at Namsai village near Momauk township. At least 8 Burmese soldiers were wounded in this battle. No casualties have been reported from KIA side, said a frontline source kachin land news


———-nov30-talawgyiOne woman was killed and six others injured after the Burmese Army fired four rounds of mortar shells at a village in the war torn Kachin State in the country’s north on Wednesday morning, said eyewitnesses.
The dead Shan woman has been identified as Daw Sit. The injured villagers belong to Tarlawgyi in Waingmaw Township in the east riverside of Irrawaddy River and they have been hospitalized in the village, villagers told Kachin News Group.Attacking People’s Army fighters under the aegis of the Kachin Independence Army (KIA), Burmese troops fired four mortar rounds at the village, said villagers.

The attack came from troops of two battalions under the Mogaung-based Military Operation Command — Namti-based Light Infantry Battalion No. 382 and Namma-based LIB No. 385, according to KIA and villagers.

Earlier, the Burmese Army’s military columns were attacked at about 7 a.m. by the People’s Army soldiers, while the columns were marching from west to east side of the Irrawaddy River, said KIA officers.

The attack comes a day after representatives of the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) the political of wing of the KIA and Burmese government met for renewed ceasefire talks in the Chinese border town of Ruili (Shweli) in Yunnan province.

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