Burmese Army’s 260th Light Infantry Battalion commander Lt. Col. Zaw Win Naing has reportedly committed suicide

Burmese Army’s 260th Light Infantry Battalion commander Lt. Col. Zaw Win Naing has reportedly committed suicide on Nov 24, 2011. His battalion has been launching attacks on KIA’s 3rd Battalion under 5th Brigade in and around Gara-yang village. Local sources said he has been ordered to launch another major attack on KIA and he refused to take part before he committed suicide.

KIA soldiers under 5th Brigade have fought against Burmese Army near Gara-yang on Myitkyina-Laiza road. At least 200 Burmese soldiers have been killed and more than 300 wounded in this battle. Lt. Col. Zaw Win Naing has committed suicide because of heavy casualties on his side and continuous pressure from his superiors, said sources.

In another front, a fierce battle between KIA’s 15th battalion and Burmese Army soldiers took place at Hkarung Kawng on Nov 26. Front line sources said Burmese troops have been continuously shelling since the battle began at 6 am in the morning. No exact number of casualties has been reported from both sides.

All military movements indicate that Burmese Army is preparing for yet another major attack on KIA. Lt. Gen. Myint Soe, Commander of Bureau of Special Operations – 1, who is in charge of operations in Kachin State, Sagaing Division, and Mandalay Division, has reportedly moved to Bamaw town to oversee military operations in Kachin areas. Burmese Army has opened three major fronts to occupy KIA controlled areas. In an effort to eliminate KIO/A, more than 120 Burmese Army battalions have been operating in Kachin areas. kachin land news

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