Security Stepped Up in Sittwe to ward off any further demonstrations demanding 24-hour electricity.

24.11.2011 narinjara Sittwe: The authorities in western Burma’s Arakan State have stepped up security with the deployment of extra police forces in all main places and streets in the Capital Sittwe in order to ward off any further demonstrations demanding 24-hour electricity.

“Police forces in full-uniform with batons are now being deployed at every junction of the main streets and main places in our town”, said a resident from Sittwe.

The resident said the police forces have tightened security, especially around the Arakan State Parliament Building (the former City Hall), at U Oattama Memorial Park, Lawkanandar Pagoda and at every junction on the Main Road, Munbargree Road and Konetan Road in Sittwe.

An activist for 24-hour electricity also said that not only are there more police forces but also plain-clothed personnel of military intelligence who are closely watching the movement for 24-hour electricity after arresting some of the activists on the 20th of November, 2011 in Sittwe.

“The police forces as well as plain-clothed military intelligence have now stepped up their security deployment in the town and are closely watching our campaign after arresting some of our activists. They are now also looking for to arrest leaders of the campaign”, said theactivist.

The activist said they had to suspend the demonstration scheduled to be held on the 21st of November 2011 because of the security situation in the town, but would continue their movement after security eased.

The movement for demanding 24-hour electricity in Arakan State is gaining wider support not only from the general public but also from members of political parties such as the Rakhine Nationalities Development Party and the Union Solidarity and Development Party as well as government officials in the state.

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