NMSP resigned from NDF

The New Mon State Party (NMSP) resigned from the National Democratic Front (NDF), according to a leader of the NMSP said. The NDF accepted the resignation of the NMSF after it held a meeting in Maesot, the border town of Thailand, on November 14 to 16. Nai Shwe Thein, an executive committee member of the NMSP, attended the meeting.

“We are right to resign from the alliance group. We don’t have specific reasons to leave from the group. Our party gets involved in many alliance groups. So, we have lack to human resources to take all responsibilities in all alliance groups. That’s why we resigned. Even though we resigned from the NDF but some of our members will take full duty in other alliance groups,” he explained.

Similarly, Chin National Front (CNF) also resigned from the NDF. Therefore, the NMSP and the CNF automatically resigned from the umbrella group of the National Council of the Union of Burma (NCUB).

“We are now going to concentrate more on the United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC). At present, we are still grasping the UNFC’s policy when we discuss with Burmese Government for ceasefire agreement. No member group of the NDF can reach ceasefire agreement with Burmese government. Some groups want to make ceasefire if Burmese government grants for political dialogue with ethnic armed groups. This issue is very important for ethnic people. We will focus on it as a priority issue,” he added.


(Photo – Internet)

The National Democratic Front (NDF) was established in 1976. The NMSP became a member of the NDF in 1982. The NDF had 11 armed member groups. The NDF only accepted armed groups as its members, which must have an organized party, armed force and controlled area.

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