Mon Youth Foundation helps the Kachin war refugees

On 20th November, Mon Youth Foundation (MYF) made a decision at the online meeting to give supports for the Kachin war refugees. Assistances will be depending on the needs of Kachin refugee, a member of MYF said.

“We are trying to contact Kachin organization. We are waiting for their reply what they need. For example, they may need warm clothing because cold weather is starting in the area. We will provide like that. Like Kachin people, we have suffered a lot affected by civil war. We understand how they face difficulties. That’s why we decide to help them,” a committee member, Mi Aei Sone said.

The Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) and Burmese government broke the ceasefire agreement in 2011 and have fought each other since June. As a result, thousands of Kachin people fled to Chinese border and Laiza, the headquarters of the KIO.

Burmese Government prevented NGOs inside Myanmar giving assistances to those refugees. In October, Kachin social organizations in Malaysia made fundraising for Kachin war refugees and helped them, however, assistances still need. Similarly, MYF are going to give assistances to Kachin war refugees as well as for Mon war refugees.


(Photo – Internet)

Mon Youth Foundation (MYF) was formed with overseas Mon youths in 2008. They provided assistances to over 600 Mon refugees when the NMSP and Burmese military regime had highly tension on 23rd April 2010.

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