Maj. Kyaw Bi refused the news that his group joins with the KNU

DkbA_thumb_medium200_234A commander from Maj. Kyaw Bi’s group said the news that the Kaloo Htoo Lar strategic commander Maj. Kyaw Bi group separated from the DKBA and joined with the KNU hasn’t been confirmed yet. It’s because the DKBA and the KNU forces has had joint military operation after Maj. Kyaw Bi separated from the border guard force (BGF) until now.

“I’m a commander of Maj. Kyaw Bi’s group. I always have connection with Maj. Kyaw Bi by phone. I heard the news from BBC that the Maj. Kyaw Bi group joins with the KNU. It is just misunderstanding. Maj. Kyaw Bi is still an operation commander of Kaloo Htoo Lar under Kaloo Htoo Baw strategic command. Our forces join with the KNU when we have military operation. We are not a part of the KNU. We are going with our command,” the commander of Maj. Kyaw Bi’s group explained.

Although the DKBA worked together with Burmese government for about 15 years, it could not make any benefit for Karen people. It’s not a good reason that Maj. Kyaw Bi joined with the Gen. Saw Lah Bwe because they didn’t want ceasefire and peace. He split away from the DKBA and joined with Gen. Saw Lah Bwe is to set up an independent group.

“Now we are still operating as the DKBA forces. So we can make ceasefire talk with Burmese government by using the name of DKBA. Similarly, the KNU is going to discuss with Burmese government for ceasefire agreement soon. So, the news that Maj. Kyaw Bi group joins the KNU is not true. We don’t want public to misunderstand about it,” the commander said.

Maj. Kyaw Bi’s forces have over 500 strong men. Under his command, there are 3 battalions such as battalion no. 904, 905 and 906. They have been operating in Mae Ta Wol, TayephoKywe, Meezine, Bawtaraw, HurtKyi, and Lay Bho Hta area in Hlaing Bwe Township, Karen State. Maj. Maung Lay, one of the commanders in Maj. Kyaw Bi’s group, is currently a liaison officer of the DKBA’s Kaloo Htoo Baw strategic command in Myawaddy town. He has daily contact with Maj. Kyaw.


(Photo – Internet)

There are Kaloo Htoo Wah and the Kaloo Htaoo Lar military operation units operate under the Kaloo Htoo Baw strategic command led by brigadier Gen. Saw Lah Bwe. There are about 1,600 soldiers and they actively patrol in Kaw Kayeik, Kya In Seik Gyi, Hlaing Bwe and Myawaddy in Karen State. The DKBA’s splinter group signed a ceasefire agreement with Burmese Government on 3rd Nov 2011. Now they have a liaison office in Myawaddy.  They have set up temporary military camps in Sone Se Myaing village, where locates in southern part of Myawaddy.

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