Mon National Democratic Front leadership reshuffled

November 23rd, 2011

Min Thu-Ta, Mi Layi Htaw – The Mon National Democratic Front (MNDF) reshuffled its leadership to include former NMSP leaders at a meeting on November 20.

Mon National Democratic Front Chairman Nai Nwe Thein Mon National Democratic Front Chairman Nai Nwe Thein

At the meeting held in Moulmein, the party’s leadership was reformed to have 54 central executive committee members, up from the previous 21, and all 54 central committee members were elected, newly elected MNDF Vice President Nai Tin Aung told the Independent Mon News Agency.

“Most of our party members, including me, who had retired during the period of ceasefire, participated,” he added.

Besides five former NMSP members, many central committee members are included in the newly reformed central executive committee of MNDF.

Nai Tin Aung mentioned, “We support the decision of Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) to re-register as a political party. However, we have to get the consensus opinion of our MNDF and the other ethnic parties in the United Nationalities Alliance (UNA). After that, we will decide whether to re-register our party or not.”

Moreover, it was acknowledged that the issue of re-registration of the party will be decided at the upcoming central executive committee meeting, and the decision will be reported at the following central committee meeting. Nai Tin Aung was assigned to be the MNDF’s liaison with other ethnic alliance members, including the CRPP (Committee Representing the People’s Parliament). It was decided that in the interest of national reconciliation, negotiation with the All Mon Regions Democracy Party (AMDP) will be attempted.

“The purpose of all Mon leaders is the same. Therefore, I do hope that the domestic Mon parties are able to form one party for our consolidation,” said Nai Htaw Mon, President of NMSP, to IMNA recently.

The three current Mon parties are the New Mon State Party (NMSP), which previously had a ceasefire agreement with the Burmese government, the Mon National Democratic Front (MNDF), which contested the 1990 elections but was disbanded by order of SLORC (State Law and Order Restoration Council), and the All Mon Regions Democracy Party (AMRDP), which contested the 2010 elections.

Central Executive Committee of MNDF

Nai Tun Thein Chairman
Nai Ngwe Thein President
Nai Thet Lwin Vice President – 1
Nai Tin Aung (former NMSP member) Vice President – 2
Dr. Min Soe Linn General Secretary
Dr. Min Kyi Winn Joint Secretary – 1
Min Soe Win (Mon Raja) Joint Secretary – 2
Nai Layi Tama Information
Nai Soe Myint (former NMSP member) Information
Mi Moe Moe Aye Women’s Issues
Mi Kyae Kyae Nyi Youth Issues
Nai Maum Ga Kao (Nai Myint Lwin) Youth Issues
Nai Htaw Aime (former NMSP member) Labor Issues
Nai Tar (former NMSP member) Labor Issues
Nai Thein Swe Treasurer
Nai Mya Maung Legal Issues
Nai Thar Din Agriculture
Nai Min Kyi (Pegu) Agriculture
Nai Maung Nyunt (former NMSP member) Social Issues
Nai Tun Phay (Nai Sauh-wa-na) Social Issues
Nai Kyaw Thein (Paung) Social Issues

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