Inspecting what weapon for Kachin highland war-Kachin Land

Two explosive devices with chemical gases are being used frequently by the Burmese Army in its ongoing military offensive against Kachin resistance forces in Northern Burma, said eyewitnesses.

The twin explosive devices with poison gases are in use in the current war zones in Hpakawn areas in N’Mawk (Momauk) Township in Manmaw (Bhamo) district in southeastern Kachin State against the Kachin Independence Army (KIA), said local people.

The unidentified chemical weapon has been in use by the government troops when it launched an offensive against the KIA around Hpakawn village as of the second week of November, said residents.

Eyewitnesses said the exploding mortar shells loaded with chemical gases are stronger than those without the gas. The first device explodes in the air whereas the second explodes on the ground.

Two different colours of smoke, one blackish and the other dark grey, billows when the explosions occur, said an eyewitness from Hpakawn.

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