Attempted rape by IB No. 31 Captain on 12 year old school girl

October 28, 2011

WCRP: On October 21st, a 12 year old girl living in Pai Karain Khawzar village, Khawzar Sub Township, Ye Township was attempted raped by the Burmese Captain Way Lin Phyo of Infantry Battalion No. 31. The assault happened as the girl was walking on her way back to her home village after school.

Living with her parents Nai– and Mi- in the fisherman village Pai Karain Khawzar, the girl is a 5th grade student attending Middle School located in the nearby Karainkanga village. The walk from the girl´s home village to the school is 1,5 miles long, taking about 20 minutes each way.

At 4: 30 pm on October 21st, the girl began her daily walk back from school. On the way, she had to pass a Coconut garden often used as a resting area for soldiers. Our sources has informed us that the ambush probably found place somewhere between this resting area and the girl´s home village; Captain Way Lin Phyo following her from this point. The Captain grabbed the girl by her arm after pulling her by her shirt. As a result, the girl immediately shouted for help. Her brother heard the scream, and came to her rescue.

This is not the first time Captain Way Lin Phyo is violating the rights of citizens living in Khawzar Township. Last year, he was reported stealing gold in the Ham Gam village.

Latest news: On October 24th, the IB No. 31 ordered the girl to come to the Battalion for her to sign a paper stating this incident never occurred.

Source: Field reporter under collaboration of Mon Affair Union reporting to WCRP.

Breaking News: Burmese Army resorts to chemical weapons warfare against Kachin rebels



Breaking News
In a war that is becoming increasing vengeful, there is concrete evidence for the first time that a belligerent Burmese Army is using an unidentified chemical weapon in the unabated offensive against Kachin rebels in Northern Burma, lamented victims.
For over a week, the unidentified chemical weapon has been in use in three war zones against the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) on Myitkyina-Manmaw (Bhamo) Road in Waingmaw township— Christian Prayer Hill and Lung Zep Kawng in Ga Ra Yang village, and Shwe Nyaung Pyin village, said KIA soldiers, who were attacked by this poison gas.

On Saturday, October 29, Burmese Army troops operating under orders from the Burmese government fired two mortar rounds of chemical weapons on the People’s Army fighters under the KIA in Prayer Hill, said civilian fighters.

La Gun, a civilian fighter and a victim of the chemical weapons attack told Kachin News Group today that, “Two rounds of chemical weapons were fired at us in Prayer Hill. There were seven of us present. Dark smoke billowed from the areas where the mortar shells landed.”

“When I breathed in the dark smoke I felt extremely dizzy, found it hard to breath, thirsty and felt like vomiting for hours,” he added.

The same chemical weapon was used during the week-long fighting in Lung Zep Kawng last week, La Gun said.

The same day, the chemical weapon was launched by the Burmese Army in Ntap Bum battle zone, near the KIA headquarters Laiza and four KIA soldiers felt dizzy, lay on the ground and began vomiting for a long time, said eyewitnesses.

The former General, President Thein Sein is responsible for the orders by a civilian government flouting the Geneva Protocol which forbids use of chemical and biological weapons in both civil and foreign conflict————

Burmese Army Chemical Weapon in Shan State

MAH — KaPaSa 12 to Produce More Weapons and Increase Chemicals

SPDC and Chemical Weapon 2009

Thailand Flood: Sra Kaeo’s Department of Immigration Capture Fleeing Illegal Workers

Department of Immigration officials in Sra Kaeo Province assembled a team of police officers to detain fleeing Cambodian illegal workers escaping the country because of the flood crisis. 
27.october 2011
Police dispersed their units to surround the Ban Dan and Ban Mai Nong Sai District. They have captured at least 309 illegal workers with the help of local residents, who filed complaints about this matter. Locals were angry that the alien workers have drained water from their bogs and canals and chopped wood for the use of fuel, depleting the area’s resources.

There were also a large number of crooks hiding within the ranks of these illegal workers who rode bicycles and looted agricultural tools from the locals. A majority of these workers come from very poor families. One of the illegal aliens, a 33 year-old woman named Hon, has been doing labor work to support seven children aged between 2 to 10 years old. Hon was a flood evacuee as well.

Yawdserk: Ceasefire with one must be ceasefire with others



Lt-Gen Yawdserk

Lt-Gen Yawdserk of the Restoration Council of Shan State/Shan State Army (RCSS/SSA), generally known as SSA South says ceasefire with Shan State Army (SSA) South, should also be ceasefire with SSA North, which will bolster mutual confidence and lead the way to peaceful resolution of the country’s woes. 

Stop fighting only in our RCSS controlled areas, but continue in SSPP’s areas is cannot be accepted, Yawdserk said.

Now both RCSS and SSPP are preparing to meet Burma movement for peace talks.

The core of its planned proposition would be “political problems should be resolved by political means. But before holding political talks, fighting must be stop first.

“As we had declared in May there is only one SSA. Therefore, if RCSS negotiates with the Burma government it means it is representing the SSPP. We both represent each other,” he said.

He however conceded that when it came to political negotiations, the two might choose to negotiate separately, as the SSA North is part of the 12 member alliance known as the United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC).

Burmese battalions under the control of Tenasserim Coastal Region Command are extending their area along the Tavoy-Kanchanaburi highway

October 28th, 2011

Rai Maroah – Six Burmese battalions under the control of Tenasserim Coastal Region Command are extending their area along the Tavoy-Kanchanaburi highway near the site of the Tavoy Deep Sea Port project.

An information officer from Brigade No. 4 of the Karen National Union (KNU) in Tavoy District said about nine battalions, including the newly-arrived battalions, have been in the area since the second week of this month, and the local battalions are moving along the site of the construction project.

“The Burmese troops are extending. Local residents have run to the border from fear at the battalions’ arrival”, said the officer.

The government battalions are attempting to secure a wider area around the project site after the KNU banned the construction of the Tavoy-Kanchanaburi highway near the construction project. Continue reading “Burmese battalions under the control of Tenasserim Coastal Region Command are extending their area along the Tavoy-Kanchanaburi highway”

23 govt soldiers killed by KIA during fighting in three areas


28oct-jawgawnghplaA civilian fighter of Kachin People’s Army under KIA.

At least 23 government soldiers were killed and more than 22 were injured during fighting in three different locations on Thursday, in Kachin State, said witnesses.

Sixteen were killed and more than 22 injured during an ambush by the Kachin People’s Army Thursday afternoon in southern Kachin State, local people said.

At least three military horses were also killed, said witnesses.

A government military column was ambushed near Ja Ing Yang, on the road to Sinbo, according to local witnesses.

It was largest loss of Burmese troops this week in that area, said local people.

The ambush was carried out by civilian fighters under the Kachin Independence Army, KIA officers at the Laiza headquarters confirmed.

Three Burmese soldiers from the Sarhmaw-based Infantry Battalion No. 105, from the Kai Htik Post on the Manmaw (Bhamo)-Kai Htik-Nam Hkam Road were killed in the quick attack by the KIA’s Battalion 1, said witnesses.

Burmese soldiers responded by firing mortars at the KIA for an hour. A Kachin soldier received minor injuries, according to a KIA officer.

Four Burmese soldiers from the Dawhpumyang-based Infantry Battalion No. 142 were ambushed and killed by KIA troops from Battalion 24, when government troops tried to transport rations to the frontline near Dawhpunyang, from Num Lang Village, said witnesses.

The fighting continued on Friday as Burmese troops continued to fire 120 mm mortar rounds at the KIA positions, said local people.

According to KIA officers, over 6,000 government troops are now deployed around the headquarters but cannot overrun Laiza because of KIA resistance. kng news