Human Rights Violations in Shan State Update

Monday, 24 October 2011 12:10

On 1 October, Capt. Yata Oo and his 20 Burmese soldiers from LIB 332 stationing in Wan Yeung base forced the villagers of Wan Yeung village tract Laikha Township to provide them bamboos and posts for their base’s fence. The villagers were ordered to compete the construction of fence within that day.

On 7 September, 48 Burmese soldiers from LIB 515 based in Laikha Township demanded 1.5 baskets of rice worth 42500 kyat, 9 meat-cans worth 9000 kyat from the villagers of Nwang Len village, Panglong Township. They also looted 4 viss of fresh fish worth 4000 kyat and 1.5 baskets of rice worth 42500 kyat from the villagers of Nam Nwang village, Nwang village tract too.

On 10 September, 30 Burmese soldiers from LIB 513 demanded 100,000 kyat in cash from Nwang Len village tract to pay them by 11 September.

On 11 October, 40 Burmese soldiers from LIB 510 led by Lt. Col. Tin Oo entered Nam Aw village, Pansat village tract, Murng Kerng Twonshp and took a rest there. At 9 pm, one of Burmese soldiers raped a 18 year old girl, daughter of Loon Kya and Pa Nang.

On 12 September, Burmese soldiers from Kho Mai base under LIB 578 based in Larng Khur Township ordered local villagers of Wan Zit village tract to provide them 100 bamboos and 500 wooden posts with 5 feet long. The bamboos and the posts had to bring to the base by 13 September or the villagers would be faced the fierce punishment. source taifreedom


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