Burma Army soldiers gang-raped and killed 9 Chinese women


rape-chinese-girlBurma government started a new civil war to KIA on June 9.

Nine Chinese women were gang-raped and killed by Burma Army soldiers during its offensive against the Kachin Independence Army in Northern Shan State, witnesses said.

These serious human rights abuses occurred at Shau Haw Village, near Mongpaw, in Northern Shan State, after a government army column arrived in the village, said villagers.

The crimes were committed by troops from the Kutkai-based Military Strategy No. 1, under Lashio-based Northeastern Regional Command, said villagers.

On Oct. 22, six other Chinese women, from Ni Shang Hu village, near Mongpaw, were detained as porters by Burmese troops of the Lashio-based Light Infantry Battalion No. 522, villagers said.

At the same time, animals belonging to villagers were also slaughtered by those Burmese troops, added villagers.

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